Joso Toronto Restaurant

A well seasoned establishment with a good standard in Adriatic seafood treasures. An artists love the affair with plenty of nudity included with some graphic sculptures (including his daughter) are all sprawled naked throughout the restaurant.


The eye feasts on the richness of the surroundings, it had the soft touch of Joso, who since departed for his hometown where he now lives with his daughter Elena. At the helm is Joso’s son Leo who owns and runs the restaurant. I heard he spends more time with his church choir but the restaurant still operates smoothly.


To add some perspective, Joso was born as the only child of a fisherman’s son and raised by his mother in the Dalmatian coastal town on the Adriatic sea. As a young child Joso had an intrinsic understanding and connection to the sea, which heavily influenced his development as an artist. At the time of his birth, food was scarce and it was not uncommon to be breast fed until 4 years of age. Later in life, he would declare this fact as the influence for creating the very well endowed and curvaceous female forms that exist on the walls of the restaurant.

202 Davenport Road,
Toronto Ontario M5R 1J2
T: + 1 416 925 1903