Los Angeles 48 Hours

Los Angeles is not for everyone and some people find it hard to find their comfort zone, at least when it comes to food. I recall Lou’s located in a small plaza, so I looked hard to re-locate Lou, a wine bar come foodie place that had vanished. I talked with Lou on the phone and struggled one and a half hours by car to go 16 kilometers across town – there is no doubt LA is spread out.


Lou runs an organic wine shop, I missed him unfortunately as he was on an errand but I did buy some quince cider.


I also had a close encounter with Bruce Jenner, now Caitlyn Marie Jenner at the Beverly Hills Hotel lobby /his first visit there as Caitlyn/. It was hair-raising to be up close, and probably the only star I noticed if you can call that a star experience. But people watching just about sums up the scene in Los Angeles, except if you make a visit to the Getty museum, or a lunch at the Polo lounge, or run into Wiz Khalifa driving his $2.5 million Bugatti.

Los Angeles is all about the event and many foodies easily get bored there. But I did try Marvin’s: http://www.chezmarvin.com/, or should I say Chez Marvin. On the website it’s called a ‘wine bar and bistro serving classic French fare amid a modernist setting with an extensive wine list’. There is no doubt Marvin the son of Capo restaurant runs his business with confidence. He is a cool guy, hard-working and hands on. The cuisine isn’t necessarily French but more based on friendly easy ingredients.


An evening at Marvin’s on a busy night could require ear plugs otherwise its a cool place and the wine list is excellent. If that doesn’t satisfy your insatiable need, make a trip down memory lane and try finding a seat at the Beverly Hills Hotel Fountain Coffee Room. A historical landmark consists of 19 seats bolted to the floor (except three at the end of the bar), and most people can squeeze onto the stools even Kim.

The Fountain Coffee Room first opened in the 1940s. Serving breakfast all day there you can enjoy the real deal, American foods all made opposite and by loyal loving staff. There you’ll find fresh squeezed orange juice or an Americano ice cafe topped with foam.