Bayon Siem Reap Temple

There is no doubt that any visit to Siem Reap will impress you in many ways and if not at least visually. The temples are numerous and believe it or not in the hundreds, so whatever you read about a trip to Siem Reap plan carefully. Be ready to absorb a lot of information and a visual experience that will blow your mind.


This temple (Bayon) is amongst the most impressive, its open air and bright light is a reflection of the a wonderful temple built-in the late 12th century as the official Buddhist state temple. Over the next 700 years it was changed to Hindu and later on to Theravada Buddhism and today it is a symbol of Angkor’s history.


King Jayavarmann VII who envisioned this monument was devoted to Buddhism, as only one prior Khmer king was a Buddhist. He reigned for 30+ years and is considered one of the most powerful Khmer monarch of all time.


The immense faces are overwhelming and are said to have been modeled after his personal image. They are scaled to impress visitors as the blue sky shines bright lights as the dark shadows race across the forehands of Bayon’s faces.


The water reflections are an important part of contemplation there and its a place where you’ll cherish your own memories of stillness, contemplation and intrigue.


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