Chettinad Bangala Cuisine

This was prepared by Sumeet Nair, an avid amateur chef and co-author of Bangala cuisine, a food he discovered after traveling in southern India. We had the pleasure of joining him and his charming wife for a cooking secession in Delhi at their farm where they live and enjoy their food passion.

This is a simple recipe that you can use at home, and believe me it can have plenty of flavour if you are ready to experiment with a hand full of oriental spices. Walking through their gardens we snip some leaves for our curry. There is no doubt that constructing flavors takes time and practice and varies from village to village throughout the continent.


Chettiar as they say in South India is made with a generous dose of pepper and not chili, making it spicy but not hot.


The spicing is subtle and its secret is the “instinctive hand” of the “Achi”, dumping a handful of this and a pinch of that in the masala leading the taste buds on a journey of intrigue and delight.