Tiger Part VI – Sleep & Run – videos

The trip to hunt tigers was a dream and many people travel to India to see the Royal Bengal without any success. It is a difficult trio to plan and permits for the park vehicles are very limited despite what it seems. Remember the areas are huge and each zone takes a day to cross and search the area for the Royal Bengal.


There were times when we would almost give up and believe that it was a lost cause. On one of our morning outings we only discovered the tiger in the last 15 minutes of our travels. It was incredible, laying in the grass there she was. We got as close as we could and watched the tiger resting, a good sleep after a long night of walking for food.


You are apprehensive when a tiger passes by the vehicle and its up close. You are frightened by the notion of a wild tiger being nervous. They are uncomfortable when they cross the pathway and their feet touch the sand. The people in the jeep were obviously unable to really get the pictures they wanted given they were afraid.

This tiger is another tiger and is the cub boy so he’s getting used to the environment and the traffic around the forest which at best seems insane when you watch the videos. Most people reaction are surprised by the tiger at first and then the vehicles. But once you see a tiger your adrenaline rushes and you almost become stopped and still. The problem is you need to run in your jeep very quick, speeding through the forest all day long, you get tired of seeing nothing except the landscape which is stunning but doesn’t compare to the thrill of seeing a tiger.

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