Tiger Part V – Cat Prints

The early morning landscapes are very pretty but no one really cares as the focus is on finding a tigers foot print to see where they are moving.


You lose yourself with the fact that you are so close, it feels as if you are seeing tigers in a bordered reserve but that not the case here. Tigers have territory and they manage their territory very well and frequently marking their space.

The tiger is hungry and we watch as spectators with the tiger ignoring the vehicles, just as if we aren’t there. Each tiger dreams of a sambar deer as a meal and they are alert yet plentiful, and hard to catch. It like a movie while you make movies. You are in the wild and searching tigers from morning until night, that’s if you want to be guaranteed to see them.

What gives the impression when watching the videos is the fact that there are other jeeps all jockeying for the same view. So it gets crowded if a sighting is known to others. In some cases it just so happens that there are vehicles and plenty of people hanging off, while in other situations you are alone.


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