Food Forgotten – Part II /Ferran/

In the case of molecular cuisine, tradition was best dissected and re-engineered from the ground up. That’s what is interesting about Ferran, a chef genius working on concept and techniques. He had no boundaries and his food wasn’t about filling your tank, it was about food for thought. Something some clients didn’t accept, and thought his food wasn’t food but a scientific experiment.

I remember when I asked Ferran about his break through in cooking he said, “this isn’t something new”. I wasn’t sure what he meant and later began to understand that he was more interested in changing the way we eat. He didn’t invent the idea of molecular cuisine and that was his point. He simply used it as a means to help expand kitchen language.

Ferran’s cuisine isn’t trivial at all, on the contrary. His food is about an organizational product search and creative methods. His style helped unify chefs and aid them to understand how to approach ingredients, recipes and food concepts.

He challenged himself to explore beyond the commonplace recipes. He innovated in a way that hadn’t been seen on such a broad level before. It opened up a new and fresh approach to cuisine that in some ways is so impressive. The motto was knowledge + order = maximum efficiency with a focus on passion.

Ferran understood the concept of developing and building structure through dissecting. His preparations were structural and his way of thinking in the kitchen had not been see before. Essentially he worked out the hierarchy, embedding and ordering to help define process and technique.


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