Food Forgotten Part III – Food Designers

“Today many great chefs are food designers, all the rest are craftsmen or craft-women. New dish is new design. If you repeat it, it’s craft, just as with designing a ring versus reproducing it.”

Its only when we begin to consider the study of science in the kitchen, it helps in us in developing physical twists to foods. Without an inventive approach, many tastes we know today would have remained impossible. But there is a point when over inventive crosses a line becoming passé very quickly.

This leads me to a discussion I once had with a French 3 star Michelin chef in Paris; he said, “sushi isn’t food” but what he was saying is, sushi isn’t comparable to French food. While he was correct, by saying sushi isn’t food, he was wrong. Many important chefs are locked into their own ideas and stay blocked due to their training and beliefs.

Sushi is the ultimate raw seafood, and isn’t comparable to the cooking style of haute French cuisine. The processes are very different to most western foods, and its true that foods are not always comparable. We should develop a better understanding of tradition to better understand how foods are to be judged, and understood.

This is one of the problems with comparing foods from all over the globe and trying to rank restaurants. It also demonstrates that when you compare foods, it’s usually a based on personal preferences, and not on technical difficulty, or technique.