Korean Carnivore’s Guide

Never underestimate the know-how of your French butcher but if he’s Korean watch out because they have the cow properly dissected.


Primal Cuts are;
1. Moksim: Neck part is the upper part of a chuck roll. Rough texture but has plenty of juices so can stand a deep boil. Used in soup stocks and also grill.
2. Deungsim: Back part is Fore rib or sirloin. The upper part of the ribs. A choice cut. Tender, juicy, sufficient marbling. Mostly for grill and steaks. The rib eye is called Kkotdeungsim, “flower” deungsim) because of its flower-like marbling and is a favorite for grill.
3. Ansim: Inner part is Tenderloin. Top cut. A very small portion cut. As its English name, it is the most tender cut of beef and leaner than Deungsim. Expensive. Mostly for grill and steaks.
4. Galbi: Ribs are the choice Korean beef cut. The choice cut was traditionally mostly braised, or stewed but grilling has become more popular. At a grill restaurant, they will offer you the plain version or the marinated version (yangnyeom galbi). LA galbi is galbi cut thinly in a long strip with several rib bones as rounds, in contrast to regular galbi which has a section of rib bone with meat attached to it.
5. Yangji: The lower center part including stomach area. High fat content makes it a favorite for soups and stews.
6. Satae: Shank is not very tender, it is another favorite for soups, stews, and also braised dishes as it has deep flavor and becomes softer as it cooks. It is also used raw for yukhweh (“Korean steak tartare”) or the jangjorim (beef braised in soy).
7. Apdari: Front legs or brisket. Although rather tough, it is used in a variety of dishes from grilled to      braised, and also raw.
8. Chaekkeut Sirloin and Deungsim and Ansim, it is very tender and used for grill and steaks.
9. Udun: The center of the behind. Round or topside. Very lean, it is used for jangjorim, beef jerky, or bulgogi, marinated grilled beef).
10.  Seoldo:The rest of the behind. Round or topside. Also used for jangjorim and jerky.


Along with the primal cuts, there are several specific cuts that are only available in a small quantity and are grilled; Anchangsal is muscle and has a chewy texture, while Jebichuri has a very deep flavor and is sliced thinly.

source: internet