Kushi Yuck-Gyu

Japanese beef is best cooked over sumi-charcoal but the problem is heat transfer. The meat shown was skewered by using kushi (the holes are seen) and was probably one of those very good Japanese cuts until its too late – overcooked!

IMG_2506 (1)

You can see the meat is darker on the perimeter and that’s a sign of over cooking. The greater the perimeter, the greater the over cooking, its that simple. Note in my link the perimeter is 2mm and above 5+mm and more on the sides.

Meat Cooked right: http://mesubim.com/2016/01/07/beef-japanese-style/

The problem is, conventional cooking just doesn’t work and the best way is to use sous vides, and then high temperature to quickly color the outsides.

IMG_2507 2 (1)