Viva Mayr Cure

Before a good detox what do should you eat, and where do you go? If you choose Austria’s Viva Mayr cure, think about spending a night in one of Europe’s nicest cities Vienna. Or travel to Venice where Romance and excellent seafood collide.

You can easily drive to Viva Mayr located in Corinthia, a traditional part of Austria in the most southern part of Austria. Luckliy it borders Slovenia and Italy, two very beautiful countries that can be visited by a short 30+ minutes car ride. In fact many guests of Viva Mayr fly into Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital and largest city and drive to the clinic. It is a drive which takes more or less an hour.

Getting to Viva Mayr is pretty easy: travel from Vienna by plane 45mins to Klagenfurt, or by train 3h30, or drive which is 5h00’s but that’s too much of an schlep. I recommend the train if you have limited luggage, as the ride is smooth and scenic. The Austrian train service is excellent and the train food, well not as bad as you think, yet not gourmet as you can see.

If you prefer a nice night or two in Venice, you can train it and expect a rid to take 4 hours, and if you plan to drive, it is pretty easy as the highway is smooth. I actually prefer to drive from Italy and stop on the way in San Daniele at Ai Bintars, where you’ll eat local quality prosciutto.A short stop over for some cheese and ham never hurts anyone if you are moderate about the portions – not so easy.

Ai Bintars:

This time I took the train from Vienna and couldn’t resist my so-called last supper, a simple easy protein (a frankfurter), or as most people would call it (except Europeans) a hotdog. The difference here is, the origin is not American at all, and are not sold inside hotdog buns as most people know hotdogs. Their origin is from Frankfurt am Main, a traditionally made German “hotdog” using pork, its thin and long. But never refer to it as a hotdog in Austria or you risk getting insulted.

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It never surprises me, European charm is still something based on tradition, luckily many European cultures are focused on preserving tradition, so when it comes to the small things they are glued on it, even stuck in their ways. Now sometimes that’s a good thing and other times less so. But its all a matter of education and each culture has its own nuances.

But many Europeans forget just how important Greek civilization was to the development of all of Europe. For the most part Europe wouldn’t exist without the Greeks, or for the matter western civilization, or medicine or philosophy, the way we know it. But modern Greece is mostly judged on their economic performance, as if the past means nothing 🙁

But one would probably agree that European detox is an as much a part of ancient Greek culture, or Chinese medicine and is a holistic pathway to healing. When compared to the American way, they are just a copycat, a cut and paste. In fact I’ve tried the Canyon Ranch and it seemed more like a social club in work out cloths. That is not to say that those types of treatments centers are not doing a good job, but it is a matter of style and preference.

So first and foremost when choosing a clinic you should think about the place and your daily routine. This time I choose Viva Mayr in Maria Worth, surrounded by the most beautiful mountain range, the Carnic Alps and right on the lake. I’ve been here several times so its all routine.

The Viva Mayr cure is a process based on the digestion program created by Austrian born Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr nearly 100 years ago. His theory is that by regenerating the colon, certain conditions such as arthritis, diabetes and numerous allergies and ailments could be healed.

The Mayr cure (as they call it) is a cure that usually shows signs of a dramatic increase in energy and improved skin conditions by the removal of toxins in your body. Results begin show when you begin to regenerate.

In some cases a typical issues can be described as candida, an over growth of bacteria in the gut that takes over and stymies the body’s digestion and immune system. In other cases the problem is caused by lactose intolerance, and or by over-acidic diets. So think of it this way, unless you are aware of your intolerances you could be eating a diet that hurts more than helps, so at Viva Mayr each person’s diet is semi-tailored to the meet his or her clients specific needs but not before a kinesiology test.

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Applied kinesiology is a technique in alternative medicine claimed to be able to diagnose illness or choose treatment by testing muscles for strength and weakness. A manual muscle test in AK is conducted by having the patient resist using the target muscle or muscle group while the practitioner applies a force. A smooth response is sometimes referred to as a “strong muscle” and a response that was not appropriate is sometimes called a “weak response”. This is not a raw test of strength, but rather a subjective evaluation of tension in the muscle and smoothness of response, taken to be indicative of a difference in spindle cell response during contraction. These differences in muscle response are claimed to be indicative of various stresses and imbalances in the body.

A weak muscle test is equated to dysfunction and chemical or structural imbalance or mental stress, indicative of suboptimal functioning. It may be suboptimal functioning of the tested target muscle, or a normally optimally functioning muscle can be used as an indicator muscle for other physiological testing.

A commonly known and very basic test is the arm-pull-down test, or “Delta test,” where the patient resists as the practitioner exerts a downward force on an extended arm. Proper positioning is paramount to ensure that the muscle in question is isolated or positioned as the prime mover, minimizing interference from adjacent muscle groups.

“Nutrient testing” is used to examine the response of various of a patient’s muscles to assorted chemicals. Gustatory and olfactory stimulation are said to alter the outcome of a manual muscle test, with previously weak muscles being strengthened by application of the correct nutritional supplement, and previously strong muscles being weakened by exposure to harmful or imbalancing substances or allergens.


The treatment at Viva Mayr can be seen by some visitors as questionable, while others swear by it. Either way the focus is on well being and that’s key in any treatment.

In fact your focus can be boiled potatoes and hemp oil for breakfast, lunch and dinner – Viva’s candida diet.


It’s not just about what we’re eating, it’s how we’re eating and chewing at Viva Mayr is key. With busy daily pressures many people aren’t eating healthy, and they’re over consuming too many acidic foods. In my view everything in moderation and even moderation. /right Paul/

Easier said than done, it takes more than common sense even if you don’t believe in everything they do at any the clinic, the fact that the body gets rest and the metabolism has time to regenerate and you’ll feel much better. Think of it this way, we rarely rest our digestive system by frequent fasting, which gives your digestion some time off.

Also we cannot diminish the importance of sleep regeneration, one of the most important functions of our body and most regeneration takes place when we sleep. Sleep is when our bodies fix, rebuild, regenerate and repair. Inadequate deep sleep may be the main cause of different degenerative disease such as early or rapid aging. Appropriate sleep is in fact an anti-aging and life lengthening. Quality sleep and rest are essential for healthy functioning of the body and mind.

So the idea at Viva Mayr is to relax, sit back and let the Doctors figure it all out. Once you are tested, your dedicated Doctor will perform a stomach massage to help the flow, and check the abdomen, a daily practice at Viva Mayr. It isn’t as weird as it sounds, but its different, and does help. This time I felt a very tight cramping as the doctor checked by colon by applying a slight amount of pressure. It was uncomfortable but I know this area of the body is one of those areas of sensitivity – the junction here often cause me pain.

The ileum is the third and final part of the small intestine where the terminal ileum communicates with the cecum of the large intestine through the ileocecal valve and it’s a cul-de-sac that gets irritated. This area is particularly sore and understandingly so given the hard work and diet.

Interactive tool:

My Doctor Schuscha is wonderful, experienced, and she is balanced in her work. What I like about her is she always has a smile on her face, and her love for her office garden is obvious. On her window sill you can always find some splendid flowers.

IMG_5590 2 (1)

She is composed when she rubs your belly, her eyes do the talking as she moves the flow, as she turns her hands over your abdominal area, you are asked to take some deep breaths. She can feel the connection between large and small colon my Achilles heal.

At Viva Mayr is unlike many other detox clinics, given weight loss is not the only target goal, you mostly think about regenerating the digestion system where good health begins.

Yes detox is all about managing medical issues, allergies and intolerances. Then you take it from there and begin to develop a program where by you can rest and regenerate your body. Each case is different and each treatment is different, yet they have a common denominator, is to heal holistically and gently. Therefore the minimum recommended stay is 9+ days and optimally a few weeks or more.

I was not a believer at the outset, and I am still skeptical about certain aspects of the Viva Mayr cure but the results prove themselves. It’s about our own dedication to the process and what you get out of it is what you put into it. Spending so much time at the clinic is well worth it.

Many people believe that detox means crappy tasteless foods because that’s a misnomer. Any visit to the Viva Mayr will help you realize that although you may eat healthily, you likely eat too quickly. By re-thinking your daily routine and avoiding too much sugar, it can help you manage the internal side of life and those imbalances that tend to run you body.

Mayr believes the staler bread means more you chewing and therefore better digestion. But the bread they serve isn’t really stale, it is spelt chewing bread, and is borderline awful. Luckily I am not on the chewing bread diet, so I stick to potatoes.

At Viva Mayr repetition is necessary as your body begins to balance and generate itself with a refreshed start. So the meals while they are integral to the treatment, there are other aspects that are combined with healthy eating and that are the lake and the setting. Seriously speaking the lake’s temperatures vary from 25°C in the summer to 12°C in the winter and is has the most distinctive blue-green transparent color.


The lake is an important part of the location, approximately 20km long and 1-2km wide as it stretches from the Carinthian capital Klagenfurt in the east to Velden in the west. It is flanked to the north and south by steep alpine foothills covered with forest, and beyond are snow-capped alpine peaks. It’s here you can take a daily hike, walk or even a bike ride around the lake.

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Each morning starts with instructions to drink a dose of Epsom salts, which induces sometimes an immediate significant bathroom visit, and that’s the de-toxing. Then some mouth wash, an oil named mouth care oil, “mundpflegeoi”. You swish it for five+ minutes and then discard. This helps reduce the long time bacteria’s that form in your mouth overnight. Then breakfast consisting of the various small portions depending on your diet.

The rest of the day you take treatments such as the Kneipp created by Sebastian Kneipp a 19th century Bavarian priest who is one of the founders of the naturopathic medicine movement. He is most commonly associated with the “Kneipp Cure” form of hydrotherapy. Through the application of water through various methods, temperatures and pressures, which he claimed to have therapeutic or healing effects you can cure. Source: Internet

These types of treatments are frequent at Viva Mayr and interesting, although they are mostly adapted to indoor kneipp, which isn’t exactly what kneipp had in mind. Actually Kneipp also includes a nose and q-tip routine to open your nasal passage and stimulate it. This is considered hair-raising by some (I like it) and if you’ve tried it, you know what I mean.

You have multiple options at Viva Mayr, and your Doctor advises you after your initial consultation as to what routine best suits your state. If you opt for less treatments like I do, you can work out in the gym, swim in the lake, or hike in the mountains, or on the weekend take a drive to the countryside, local market, and or visit local producers.

Nuart Cheese:

For beginners it is all very exciting to take advantage of the new facilities at Viva Mayr in Maria Worth. But Viva Mayr as you read is a cure and there exists some confusion about the two Viva Mayr facilities that are competitors and located a few kilometers from one another.

There is another Viva Mayr cure and clinic down the road from the Viva Mayr in Maria Worth. I am not trying to confuse anyone with this story, but its important to know and understand that Viva Mayr is a cure and not a place. Yes its strange or even confusing to have two clinics a stone throw away.

The two practice the “Viva Mayr cure” but to differentiate the two facilities, the name “Original” is used and it was the original Viva Mayr clinic. However some years back, there was a switch, and the key Doctor of FX Mayr Original, Dr. Stossier moved and opened his own clinic named Viva Mayr in Maria Worth, with a well know important Austrian businessmen. Then during the construction the new facility Viva Mayr, they operated in a local hotel until the facility was completed. At the same time, one of the Doctor s from Viva Mayr Maria Worth was recruited to work at the FX Mayr Original and the new Viva Mayr was opened and life goes on.

So what are the differences between the two facilities: the long and short is they are very similar in their practice however the FX Mayr Original is slightly more strict about raw foods, so you don’t see a single raw food. Furthermore, the Original seems more Austrian authentic and some suites are very luxurious.

The FX Mayr Original facility is not directly on the lake, yet you can have access to the lake, and the suite I had there was very beautiful, quiet and the bed super comfortable. I cannot say that about Viva Mayr bedding.

Generally speaking the rooms in Viva Mayr are a little noisy, even though the building has been modernized. The walls are thinnish, and the house gets hot in summer. FX Mayr Original is a tad older and the building requires some renovation but it has the charm. However if you book, you should inform yourself about the accommodation given some parts are newer than others.

Having said that, Viva Mayr is more like luxury camping, you have the lake, basic food, and quiet time. Although at Viva Mayr, it sometimes feels like Eastern European clients are jumping over you, talking overtly almost slurring word with thick accents, or you’ll find other types who are noisy holding court in the dinning room. I find this aspect very annoying and inconsiderate, although anyone can choose the degree of privacy needed. Note that FX Mayr Original is very quiet, no real social scene, and they discourage speaking, or any phone communications at mealtime. It is about resting and rejuvenating no-nonsense.

I can say that either Viva Mayr or FX Mayr Original is wonderful however and we appreciate and respect the work of Dr. Schuscha – who is always smiling with positive energy. Viva Mayr is worthy of a visit, and definitely try it, you’ll only leave feeling better. I can attest that the Viva Mayr cure does work.