Sukiyaki Timing – video

Sukiyaki shouldn’t be confused with shabu-shabu as some restaurants serve both. Shabu-Shabu is very different, not better, just different. It is made without the use of shoyu and sugar and is not sweet at all.

Sukiyaki is made with a base of konbu, and a small amount of katsubushi, or none at all. Then you add shoyu and I guess a ration 2:1, three dashi and 1 shoyu, however you need plenty of shoyu for color as seen from the photos below.Then add some sugar and you bring to a boil and you are ready.


The taste is extraordinary, raw egg is used and plenty of neggi, green onion. The beef timing is key because you want the beef to be cooked, but not over cooked.


The skimming of fat from the broth is necessary, this beef is not as fatty as most used when preparing sukiyaki and is very tasty. The raw egg should not be beaten and this is very important otherwise, it’s like an omelette and you loose the quality of the egg. These eggs are from jidori chickens the highest quality available in Japan.


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