Alison Pasta

Take heaps of fresh garlic and slice thinly and add fresh tomato to make a red-bomb-pasta. It is said the synthesis of collagen is an essential component of the skin and tomatoes are essential to any diet. Now add heaps of fresh garlic chopped, crushed or sliced, and the enzyme alliinase converts alliin into allicin, which is responsible for the intense aroma of fresh garlic. But this combination is almost medicinal yet it snaps your pheromones up to a digital speed in excess of 100.

Now take heaps of fruit tomato and cur it into small-sized bites and you are half way there. Whenever cooking try to avoid using chinese garlic as they are often unsuitable given the methods used to grow, store and ship them. Watch out for aspergillus:

IMG_9759IMG_9762 IMG_9763

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