Pallauda Davide Acellent

The Enoteca restaurant in Canale, is located in a historic building. It was not my first time to visit enoteca and taste his menu, I had been there two years ago. There was some reluctance to go back after our lunch in Padua, I was worried the food would be too modern, disconnected from Piedmontese reality if there is such a thing. But after lunch, I would not describe his cuisine as too modern, it’s more of a combination classical and balanced between traditional local raw materials and good solid technique.


This time I was convinced that he can really cook, and there is no doubt he should be rasied to a two star Michelin restaurant, and that’s if he would make a few very minor adjustments. The pigeon was excellent and my fish was very good with baby artichokes, the plates were complex yet simple and not cluttered. The one dish that I really enjoyed and would easily recommend was the local mushrooms cooked in veal shank broth – the contrast between raw and cooked mushrooms was superb.