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Prepared by Head Chef Nenad Mlinarevic and his team, amuse gueule offered at the Park Hotel’s restaurant Focus does not let you down.

After trying the restaurant 8 times, the head chef @ Focus in Park Hotel expands clients palates with a “gastronomical feast” each and every time. There is no shortage of pleasure at Focus, between the staff and the cuisine. The atmosphere, the design is unique and the cuisine competes the taste loop.

They change daily, and I apologize, I cannot precisely recall all the ingredients but each time they are better and better. I am not let down a little by the simplicity or complexity, combination of both. The kitchen team is a small number of six and the output is small but precise to a “t”, it is seamless.

Chef Nenad’s cuisine takes on his own personality, he is a quite powerhouse, yet quite and enough, he knows what he is doing and avoids making obvious mistakes. His concentration is needed as he stays relaxed behind the helm. A large over sized hotel kitchen he has too much space.

His food design and process in creating dishes lends itself to what we look for in cuisine. Structurally expansive flavors carry you into staying excited throughout the meal. The kitchen remains quiet, the mood soft and the food is prepared with tweezer precision.

This chef gets it; he understands the sensory system gets turned on by temperature, color, taste and the image of a dish. This is worthy of a trip, 55 minutes drive from Zurich.

Don’t miss it if you have the chance to go:

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