Noon 2010 Reserve Shiraz South Australia

A hard nose full bodied deep coloured tarred wine with plenty of jam packed fruit.

(93 Points)

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The 20 Rows Shiraz block was planted in 1962 on the Langhorne Creek flood plain, which is managed to receive late winter and early spring flood water from the Bremer River assisted by a series of channels and weirs. This is a special and unique terroir which has been producing wine this way since the mid 1800’s. The vineyard area of Langhorne Creek today has expanded well outside the original flood plain and the growing conditions in the new vineyards are quite different. One could make a good argument for the appellation Langhorne Creek to be used exclusively for the historic flood plain land. The ‘20 Rows’ vines are quite low yielding for the area at around 3-4 tons/acre. They are growing on their own roots as the region is free of phylloxera. The soil in this vineyard is a deep alluvial clay loam with an almost shimmering quality about it which produces small, black-coloured and perfectly formed Shiraz berries, packed with flavour.