Wagyu @ Tokyo

I say I am not a chef because I am an amateur. But at the same time I challenge myself each and every day with Japanese gyu – steak referred to as wagyu. I have what I call a simple technique and for each meat a different technique can be deployed. Why? Because each meat is different by cut and some require to be treated more gently, while others less so. The fat structure in meat will also make a difference when cooking and the fats vary from cut to cut. So pay careful attention to the heat used or you risk over searing the beef’s surface and burning it. The maillard reaction is important and control over heat will leave you with the right result.

Here it is simple: sous vides at 56°C for 56 minutes and I am off to the races. Then I dry off the meat and let it rest before serving (1 hour later). I use some shoyu and de-glaze the beef and add a touch of aged mirin and de-glaze. Then spices and only at the last time or you risk burning the spices. Last idea to consider; when you use spices each spice should be ground at a different grind. This will help in developing more intense flavours.