Resting Truffles Noir

A night at home, I purchased some wagyu from my butcher and this time spencer roll. The beef is well trimmed and the butcher removes a good 4cm of fast off the cap, and I am left with the eye and a small strip of concentrated fat.

I separated the two parts to cook them separately after sous vides at 57° for 55 minutes and I added some extra time for the thickness. After cooking it I rest the meat for 2-hours and then before serving I color the meat, slice and serve. Don’t forget the more fat the higher the temperature or the fat is rendered properly.

But interestingly and recently while I was on a trip, I met a chef who tweezers his meat and I understand why. If you look carefully at the meat, and more with sirloin, you find channels of fat that are sinewy and cause for more chewing, a kind of inhibitor. In the end, a meat topped with lots of black truffles – yes it is all worth it.

And please don’t forget to rest your meat, because dissolved and degraded proteins thicken the juices, and so resting is always a good approach to obtaining better results, and that’s why professional chefs rest.

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