11 Madison @ NYC – video

Some dream of the worlds best restaurants, and some are easily top-level, but when I look at the worlds 50 best and see photos of 11 Madison ranked as the world’s #1 I think to myself –  I must try it. I suppose there are many who think the same, some even would consider making a trip to New York just for this reason.

Our friends booked two months in advance, pre-paid 100% to have a table for /2/ at 11 Madison NYC, and then it was a green light. These are his photos, I wasn’t a guest at there, but I asked my him to document his experience, show me his menu and take some photos. I cannot imagine the noise, simply incredible, it is more like a theater than a restaurant filled with voices.

Not having tasted the menu, I expected much more than what he said was “food was good and tasty”. I thought it looked more like Cordon Bleu basics, encroute venison and foie gras – see it lots of times.

I can tell you a trip to Bologna to try world #2 is an experience well worth it and it has soul and lots of it: https://mesubim.com/2012/10/16/massimo-bottura/

These kinds of restaurants seem to be caught in an American time warp, a Swiss chef who seems to lack one key element that is fundamental to any chef – and that is, food soul something missing here.