Oops @ Unico 2008

The most incredible 2008 Vega Sicilia Unico I’ve tasted, and of all places at Basel Art Fair. I scored it 96 Points with unctuous fruit, an incredible dark inky fruit. I am not a fan of dark wines but this was perfect for Jamon and manchego cheese.

So back at the hotel the same night, I thought let’s taste more, and I looked at the wine list and the 2008 was listed sfr. 760. I took a second look because it was sfr. 580 than what we paid at the fair. I immediately checked on the internet and I couldn’t understand the price differential.

Back to the fair the next day, I went directly to the tapas bar and asked where is the Unico. The staff had a smile and said, oops, our boss was very upset, and I knew why.