Wagyu @ Germany

The idea of German raised cows, wagyu in Germany is considered a perfect food, or is it?

I find myself in awe whenever I eat wagyu, but when chef’s use the term to describe a “brand” of meat, they are right but the problem is the wagyu in Japan and the waygyu outside is incomparable.

The idea of fatty beef, or beef sold on the basis being fatty is misleading. Waygyu is Japanese beef, and Japanese only! While it is true wagyu is ordinarily fatty, there is much more to the breed. The Japanese farmer on average have under 20 head, and the processes used to raise the gyu (cow) is extraordinary.

That’s not to say non-Japanese farmers miss the point, but raising of the animals in order to produce what we call wagyu is in Japan. The same way sushi in foreign countries is very different, you cannot compare the two. The beef rasied outside of Japan is just not the same sorry and that’s not to say all non-Japanese wagyu beef isn’t good, it can be if it is kept in context.

The problem is most beef eaters haven’t tried “the real deal” and they are mislead into believeing waygyu is superior. It isn’t true, and I have tried some Spanish beef that was amazing.


The confusion comes over branding, and most amateurs judge wagyu on the fatty content only, which is the standard. True fat is integral to grading in all countries, and in Japan as well, but the difference is both in the work carried out by the farmers, and the breeds.

Read this to understand more:https://mesubim.com/2017/01/04/gyu-tenderloin-japan/

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