Morucha Meat @ Salamanca

The golden city of Salamanca, famed for its medieval yellow sandstone buildings was founded in the 13th century. The neighbouring countryside produce some of Spain’s most famous food products, such as “pata negra” known as Iberico ham, distinguished by the black hoof left on the shank.

But in this region farmers also raise an ancient breed of cattle, called “Morucha” that produces a dark, savory meat. But remember the packaging conditions has a greater effect on beef colour than breed, but breed differences might also change with packaging atmosphere. Both packaging and breed are major factors in packaged beef quality, so pay careful attention to what you order and always make a visual inspection before ordering.

This night the chef was using a wood log to cook over an open flame and this is one of the most difficult techniques to use. The meat was tasty and had good balance and texture. The cap was perfect and the center had been slightly over cooked, but this meat tasted great. No doubt the Spanish know what they are doing with 4 legs, and I will but at this steak again before I leave Switzerland.


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