Probus 2010 Reserve Dr. Von Bassermann-Jordan

I really enjoyed this wine, it had fantastic freshness and character and accompanied the Thai cuisine perfectly. This is a good example of 2010 and was not rock hard.

(94 Points)

The Pfalz, which begins south of Rheinhessen and is in effect the northward extension of Alsace’s Vosges foothills, is the warmest and driest of Germany’s Riesling regions, supporting fuller-bodied wines that are typically dry. In fact, the soil here, like Alsace, shows great diversity, marked by alluvial gravel and various types of sedimentary rocks, as opposed to the near exclusive domination of slate in the Mosel-Saar-Ruwer. Like the Rheinhessen better known until recently for quantity than for quality, the Pfalz’s handful of top villages and vineyards have nevertheless always been among Germany’s most cherished, and the entire region has undergone a substantial turnabout in reputation over the last two decade. While only about one-fifth of the vineyards are planted to Riesling, the grape holds a disproportionate position in the top growing sites, just like elsewhere in the Rhine.

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