Restaurant Guide @ Sicily

Travelling to Sicily heres your source of information:



Portico Antico- Contrada Gatto, tel. 0921 428058. Good pizza (in the evenings) and also seafood. Lovely view over citrus orchards. Gets busy on Friday and Saturday evenings. ££

Lido delle Palmer- Contrada Solfarelli, near the seaside, tel. 0921 933397. Serving fresh seafood dishes. ££


Nangalarruni – Via delle Confraternite 7, tel. 0921 671428, A highly recommended trattoria that has become representative of Madonie cuisine. Expect wonderful mushrooms dishes, locally sourced meats and delicious vegetable dishes too. Open for lunch and dinner. Closed on Wednesdays. £££


Locanda del Marinaio – Via Porpora 5, tel. 0039 0921 423295. Located in the historical centre. A small restaurant and local favourite run by two brothers, serving fresh pasta, meat and fish and providing great customer service. Open every day for lunch and dinner. ££

Al Porticciolo – Via Bordonaro 66, tel. 0039 0921 921981, A pizzeria and restaurant with a lovely seafront terrace in the summer. Open every day for lunch and dinner. ££

Chat Noir – Via XXV Novembre, tel. 0039 0921 420697, A family-run restaurant offering a wide range of dishes including sweet crepes. There is outside seating in the summer. Open every day for lunch and dinner. Closed on Wednesday. ££

La Brace – Via XXV Novembre 10, tel. 0039 0921 423570, Situated just off the cathedral square. Imaginative menu with lots of mouth-watering choices. Open for lunch and dinner. Closed on Mondays and usually from mid-December to mid-January. ££

La Botte – Via Veterani 20, tel. 0039 0921 424315. Small but very pleasant restaurant located just around the corner from the Duomo. They offer a small but enticing menu of Sicilian specialties and there is outside seating in the summer. Open for lunch and dinner. Closed on Mondays. ££

Kentia – Via Bordonaro 96, tel. 0039 0921 423801, A favourite with the locals, serving delicious local cuisine of a good quality. Sea views and a covered summer terrace. Open every day for lunch and dinner. Closed on Tuesdays in the winter. ££

Al Gabbiano – Lungomare Giardina 17, tel. 0039 0921 421495. Located along the promenade just outside the old town centre, serving fish dishes and a good selection of wines. There are sea views and outside seating in the summer. Open for lunch and dinner. Closed on Wednesdays. ££

La Galleria – Via XXV Novembre 22, tel. 0039 0921 420211, A modern, elegant restaurant situated inside the Mandralisca museum. Creative Mediterranean cuisine influenced by Sicilian tradition and concentrating on using only the freshest local ingredients. ££-£££

Bottega TiVitti – Lungomare Giuseppe Giardina, tel. 0039 0921 922642, Located on the promenade near the entrance to the old town centre. A chic local favourite serving light meals (hamburgers, pizzas and salads) and an excellent selection of Sicilan and Italian wines, making it also an excellent choice for a pre-dinner aperitif overlooking the sea. £-££

Tinchitè Taverna – Via XXV Novembre 37/39, tel. 338 751 8113. Casual atmosphere with traditional Sicilian dishes ‘like grandma used to make’. £-££

L’Antica Corte – Via Bordonaro 19, tel. 0039 0921 423228. Good fish dishes and pizza in the evenings. Open for lunch and dinner. Closed on Thursdays. ££

La Tavernetta – Contrada Presidiana, tel. 0039 0921 422510, Located down by the port with a lovely outdoor terrace overlooking the sea and the fishing boats. Serves meat and seafood dishes and pizza. Open for lunch and dinner (pizza only in the evenings). ££

Lo Scoglio Ubriaco – Via Bordonaro 2, tel. 0039 0921 423370. Great sea views from the covered summer patio and a decent selection of local (mainly fish) dishes. Open every day for lunch and dinner. ££

Al Faro – Via Porta Giudecca 62, tel. 0039 0921 424409. Located near the lighthouse just outside the old town centre. Outdoor tables with romantic sea views and the old lighthouse in the background. Specialises in seafood dishes. ££

Giardino dei Sapori – Via S.Pasquale, tel. 0039 0921 820111. Located just off via Roma in the newer part of town near the entrance to the old town centre. A casual local restaurant serving meat and fish dishes and pizzas (including gluten free options). Closed on Thursdays and from October to March. £-££

Lievita – Via Matteotti 34, tel. 0039 0921 820377. A simple restaurant-pizzeria located at the entrance to the old town centre, known for its pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven. £

Enoteca Rosso Rubino – Via Bordonaro 16, tel. 0039 0921 423340. A wine and cocktail bar with outdoor seating in summer. A local favourite for a pre-dinner aperitif accompanied by light snacks. £-££

Kentia & Co. Wine and Sushi Bar – Via Bordonaro 87, tel. 0039 0921 424542. A chic wine bar located opposite the famous restaurant of the same name. ££-£££

Fritto e Divino – Via Mandralisca 6, tel. 0039 0921 423644. Combining the best of Sicilian street food with a wide selection of champagnes, wines and artisan beers. All with views of the cathedral. ££

La Gallizza – SS113 Contrada Gallizza, tel. 0921 422407. Located outside the centre of Cefalu near the railway crossing. The best of take-away Sicilian street food (though there are a couple of tables outside) including freshly made arancini e sfincone pizza. Great if you don’t feel like cooking or want to take some lunch down to the beach. £

La Trinacria – Via Porta Giudeca 60, tel. 0921 925077. Located just outside the old town centre (port side), this wine bar serves light lunches and dinners. Great for a pre-dinner aperitif overlooking the water. It also has a shop selling Sicilian products and wines. £-££


Trattoria Nasca 1 – Contrada Canna, tel. 091 8992716. Menus based on artichokes cooked in lots of different ways! £

Collesano (between Palermo and Cefalù)

Drinzi –  on the SP9 heading towards the centre of town, tel. 0921 664027. Serving typical local mountain specialities at reasonable prices as well as pizza. Open every day for lunch and dinner. £-££

Petralia Soprana (in the Madonie Mountains)

Trattoria da Salvatore – Piazza San Michele 3, tel. 0921 680169. Excellent old-style trattoria serving excellent mountain fare. Open every day for lunch and dinner in the summer. ££

Polizzi Generosa (in the Madonie Mountains)

U Bagghiu – Via Gagliardo 3, tel. 0921 551111,  Good mountain fare. Usually open for lunch and dinner but best to ring in advance for evening meals.  Closed on Monday.  £



Pizzeria Dietro le Mura – Via Dietro le Mura 26, tel. 095 7111091 or 347 7628748. Popular for pizza and salads. Open everyday 19.30 – 00.30. ££

Acireale (just up the coast from Catania)

Acquadelferro – Via Santa Caterina 42/b, tel. 095 7633735, A wide choice of dishes including meat and pizzas served on a panoramic terrace. Great atmosphere and service. Open everyday 19.30 – 00.00. ££

Oste Scuro – Piazza Lionardo Vigo 5, tel. 095 7634001. Cosy restaurant serving traditional fish and meat dishes. ££

Sotto il Convento – Via Paolo Vasta 29, tel. 095 608243. Lovely restaurant and pizzeria in a beautiful garden, good selection of wines. ££

Il Tocco – Via dello Jonio 38, tel. 095 7648819, Delicious pizzas and fantastic sea views. Open every evening during the summer, closed on Mondays in winter. £-££


Trattoria Da Federico – Via Provinciale 115, tel. 095 276364, The best restaurant in town specialising in fish and more fish! Closed on Mondays. £££

Il Covo Marino – Via Lungomare Ciclopi 149, tel. 095 711 6649 or 348 0081998, Lovely restaurant by the Lungomare with sea views. Open 12.30 – 14.30 and 19.30 – 22.30. Closed on Mondays. ££

L’Aragosta – next to Covo Marino, Lungomare Ciclopi 157. Best option for pizza by the sea. £-££

Catania (see also Aci Castello and Aci Trezza)

Trattoria da Nino Mannino – Via Biondi 19, tel.  095 311319.  Very good trattoria, serving both fish and meat dishes. Try the owner’s famous involtini. ££

A Pizza sutta l’acchi – Via Dusmet 29, tel. 095 315472. One of the best pizzeria’s in town! £-££

Sicilia in bocca – Via Dusmet 35, tel. 095 2005208, Behind Piazza Duomo, next to Porta Uzeda is this famous restaurant, offering and excellent service, traditional meat and fish dishes. ££

Mm!! – Piazza Pardo 34, tel. 095 348897. Small trattoria in the fish market. A family run restaurant. Local dishes and fresh fish. Closed Sunday. ££

Fud – Via Santa Filomena 35, tel. 095 7153518. Open all day, they serve Sicilian burgers, pizzas and platters of local cheese and ham. Everything is sourced locally including the beer and wine. £

Osteria Antica Marina – Via Pardo 29, tel. 095 348197. Small restaurant in the fish market. Fresh fish is guaranteed! Try the spaghetti con i ricci (sea urchins). Booking is essential. Closed on Wednesday. ££

Pititto – Via S.Giovanni Li Cuti 36, tel. 095 383164, In the little city harbour of San Giovanni Li Cuti, on a black sandy beach formed of ash from Mount Etna. Fish dishes on the seafront. ££

I Cutilisci – Via S.Giovanni Li Cuti 67-69, tel. 095 372558, In the little city harbour of San Giovanni Li Cuti, on a black sandy beach formed of ash from Mount Etna. Innovative organic dishes and excellent pizza on the seafront. ££

Ristorante Metrò – Via dei Crociferi, 76, tel. 095 322098. One of Catania’s best restaurants for over 20 years, you can expect to eat well here. Both fish and meat dishes. £££

I Dolci di Nonna Vincenza – Piazza San Placido 7, A wonderful patisserie, they also have a shop at Catania Airport.

Bar Savia – Via Etnea 302-304, tel. 095 322335. A traditional Sicilian bar that sells some of the best arancini and cannoli in Sicily. Outdoor seating right opposite the Villa Bellini.

Castliglione di Sicilia (just to the north of Mount Etna)

La Porta Del Re – Via Vallone Doberdò 2, tel. 328 6559572. Typical Sicilian fare served in an old palazzo in the centre of town. Nice friendly atmosphere and a good selection of wines made on Mount Etna. ££

Letojanni (on the coast below Taormina – see also Mazzaró)

Da Nino – Via L. Rizzo 29, tel. 0942 36147, A restaurant worth making a detour for. Set right on the beach, many come from miles around for a fish extravaganza at Da Nino’s. Best to book at weekends. Closed on Tuesdays, though not in the summer. £££

Niny Bar – Via Vittorio Emanuele, 214 on the corner of Piazza Durante. A great bar for granita or ice-cream. Their speciality is granita arcobaleno (rainbow) with alternating layers of fresh fruit granita – lemon, peach, mulberry, strawberry and pineapple – in a glass. The kids will love it. £

Victor – Via Luigi Rizzo 45, tel. 0942651107. Lovely sea-front restaurant and pizzeria. ££


Boccaperta – Via Umberto 96, tel. 0957 774333. A restaurant with wine-tasting room. The food is refined, the choice of Etna wines, comprehensive, and the atmosphere warm and welcoming. £££

Le Sciare – Strada Mareneve, direction Etna Nord, tel. 095 5643401 or 368 3557528. Extremely rustic with tables laid out in the forest! It serves the best grilled lamb in the Etna area. Good value. £-££


La Capinera – Via Nazionale Spisone 177, tel. 0942 626247, This Michelin-starred sea–front restaurant offers sophisticated fish dishes in a pleasant environment with great views. £££

Il Barcaiolo – Via Castelluccio 43, tel. 0942 625633, On the lovely bay of Mazzarò, this is one the most famous restaurants in the Taormina area. Superb sea food. ££-£££

Da Giovanni – on the SS114-Via Nazionale 105, tel. 0942 23531. Stunning views of Isola Bella and excellent sea food dishes. The owner will be happy to recommend the dish of the day. Ask for advice. ££-£££

Pizzichella – down on the beach of Isola Bella, near the diving centre, tel. 0942 625189. Great location by the sea, mainly fish dishes and Sicilian cuisine. ££-£££

Villa Sant’Andrea – On the SS114  Via Nazionale, tel. 0942 23125, Opposite the cable car station. This sea-front restaurants offers both Sicilian and international cuisine. ££-£££


Antico Orto Dei Limoni – Via Grotte 4, tel. 095 910808. Typical Sicilian food served in an old winery. A good place to stop off if you’re driving in the area. ££


Ristorante Winebar Astemio – Via Dandolo 7, tel. 380 4678917. A modern, chic wine bar and restaurant serving carefully prepared fish dishes and delicious antipasti. Excellent wine selection too.


Case Perrotta – Azienda Agricola Perrotta, Via Andronica 2 (well-signposted just out of town), tel. 095 968928, Excellent local food in abundance. Outside seating in the summer months and cosy inside dining during the winter. Call to book. £-££

Santa Maria La Scala (on the coast below Acireale)

La Grotta – Via Scalo Grande 46, tel. 095 7648143. Cosy charming restaurant by the sea serving only fresh fish and typical Sicilian dishes. Book in advance. ££

Trattoria Scalo Grande – Via Scalo Grande 68, tel. 328 8832384. Another lovely fish restaurant with al fresco terrace to enjoy dinner overlooking the sea. ££-£££

Ristorante Al Molino – Via al Molino 106, tel. 095 7648116, More choice than the two restaurants above and a great selection of wine. ££-£££

Santa Tecla (on the coast below Acireale)

Acqua Pazza – Via Costiglio Casino 36, Scalo Pennisi, tel. 095 876331/ 349 8630386 / 342 0528842. A fantastic location for this excellent sea-front restaurant serving the freshest fish in the area! Excellent service and great choice of wine ££-£££.

Il Barone – Via Argenta 6, tel. 095 876290. Traditional cuisine and great selection of wines. ££-£££

Il Cavalluccio Marino – Via Argenta 40, tel. 095 876177. Great atmosphere on a terrace overlooking the sea. Also a perfect spot for an aperitif at sunset. Also wine bar and café. Normally closed on Monday. ££-£££

La Gorgonia – Via Argenta 110, tel. 095 876241. Delicious Sicilian pizzas. ££

La Vignitta – Via Costiglio Casino 34, tel. 346 1619654. Simple lido and restaurant, great spot for lunch. £-££


Kisté- just off Via S. Maria dei Greci, tel. 0942 21208, An excellent “easy gourmet” restaurant overseen by Michelin-starred chef Pietro d’Agostino. Wonderful prime ingredients make for extremely fresh dishes that can surprise and intoxicate the palate.  £££

Principe Cerami (in San Domenico Palace Hotel) – Piazza San Domenico 5 I, tel. 0942 613111, Another Michelin-starred restaurant with refined Sicilian cooking. A table on the panoramic terrace makes the food taste even better! £££

Casa Niclodi – Salita Humboldt 2, tel. 0942 620660. Fresh pasta, pizza cooked in a wood-burning oven and seasonal “antipasti”. Casual atmosphere. ££-£££

Ristorante Al Duomo – Vico Ebrei 12, tel. 0942 625656. Very good trattoria overlooking Piazza Duomo. If you’re there as a couple, phone to request the little balcony table. Both fish and meat dishes cooked well and without pretension. Call first to book. £££

La Giara – Vico la Floresta, tel. 094 223360, One of the most trendy places in Taormina.  Dinner, live music and dancing.  Often closed in the winter except on Fridays and Saturdays. £££

Licchios – Via Patricio 10, (close to Porta Messina), tel. 0942 625327, Has a garden inside where you can eat even in the winter. Nice food, fresh pasta, also pizza. Casual atmosphere, perfect with children. ££

L’incontro – Via Luigi Pirandello 20, tel. 0942 628084. Great atmosphere and a good selection of Sicilian dishes. ££

Rosso DiVino – Vico De Spuches 8, tel. 0942 628874. Lovely location near Porta Catania, with a terrace for al fresco dining. Typical Sicilian dishes, with both fish and meat. Good selections of wines. ££

Granduca – Corso Umberto 172, tel. 0942 24983. Restaurant and Pizzeria. Touristy but smart with stunning views over the bay down below. ££-£££

Le Naumachie – Via Giardinazzo 8, tel. 0942 625145. A nice setting with an interesting selection of dishes. Good wine list. ££-£££

La Botte – Piazza S. Domenico 3-4, tel. 0942 24198, Open until late you can enjoy local as well as international cuisine. ££-£££

Arco dei Cappuccini – Via dei Cappuccini 1, tel. 0942 248933. Simple, informal, very cosy traditional restaurant. Better to book in advance. Closed on Wednesday. ££

Bam Bar – Via di Giovanni 45, tel. 0942 24355. The place to go for the best granita in Taormina. Set in a lovely little piazza below the theatre. Try the mandorla, pesca and limone flavours. £



Don Ciccio – Via del Cavaliere 87, tel. 091 932442.  Old fashioned, authentic trattoria serving traditional Sicilian fare. The atmosphere is good thanks to the “old-pro” waiters. £££

I Pupi – Via Del Cavaliere, 59, tel. 091 902579, A Michelin-starred restaurant specialising in a thoroughly contemporary take on Sicilian cuisine, using only the very best ingredients. £££

Caccamo (between Palermo and Cefalu)

A Castellana – Piazza dei Caduti 4, tel. 0918148667, Situated just under the wonderful castle of Caccamo, this restaurant-pizzeria serves excellent country food using local ingredients as much as possible. Good atmosphere.Closed Mondays. ££

Mondello (see also Palermo)

Da Calogero – Via Torre di Mondello, tel. 091 6841333, Typical family trattoria (children are welcome), busy at weekends.  Specialities include octopus salad, sea urchins and several pasta dishes with mussels, clams and fish. They also do good pizzas in the evening. Open for lunch and dinner. ££-£££

Alle Terrazze- Viale Regina Elena (the impressive Liberty style building on the beach), tel. 091 450171, A restaurant which made history in Sicily. Impressive terrace on the sea, smart service and traditional Sicilian recipes. Open for lunch and dinner. Closed on Tuesday. £££

Bye Bye Blues – Via del Garofalo 23, tel. 091 6841415, An excellent Michelin-starred restaurant serving great food and wine.  It is often necessary to book. Open for lunch and dinner. Closed on Monday. £££


Taverna del Pavone – Vicolo Pensato 18, (close to the Duomo), tel. 091 6406209. Tables are quite close to one another, not ideal if you are looking for a private dinner, but a nice, informal and relaxed atmosphere. Closed Sunday dinner and Monday. ££

Bricco e Bacco – Via B. DAcquisto 13, tel. 091 6417773. Brasserie-style restaurant serving excellent meat dishes and large selection of quality wines. Good atmosphere and often full so necessary to book. £££

Palermo (see also Mondello)

Gigi Mangia – Via Principe di Belmonte 104/d, Just off Via Ruggero Settimo, tel. 091 587651, Excellent, imaginative cooking and one of our personal favourites. Open every day for lunch. Closed Sunday. ££-£££

Antica Focacceria San Francesco – Via A. Paternostro 58, (opposite the church San Francesco d’Assisi), tel. 091 320264,  Serves very good meals upstairs and in the square (one of the most beautiful squares in Palermo), or typical Sicilian fast food during the day. Open for lunch and dinner. £-££

Bisso – Via Maqueda, 172A, tel. 328 131 4595. Right in the centre of the old town, next door to the Quattro Canti, Bisso offers well-cooked traditional Sicilian fare in a lovely setting. Tables are shared with other diners (unless your group is big enough to take a whole table). More info here. ££

Trattoria Altri Tempi – Via Sammartino 65, 091 323480, Palermitan dishes, old-style. Menus are written in Sicilian dialect but the staff are happy to translate! Excellent value for money. Open every day for lunch and dinner. ££

Cucina Papoff – Via Isidoro La Lumia 32, tel. 091 586460, Excellent, refined traditional Sicilian cooking. Open Monday to Friday for lunch and dinner. Saturday for dinner only and Closed Sunday. ££-£££

Osteria dei Vespri- Piazza Croce dei Vespri 6 (old town), tel. 091 6171631, One of the most acclaimed restaurants in Palermo offering a modern, highly original menu. On the ground floor of the historical Palazzo Gangi. Open for lunch and dinner. Closed Sunday. £££

La Cambusa – Piazza. Marina, 16 tel. 091 584574, Predominantly fish dishes but other options available. Handy if you’re in the Piazza Marina area. Open for lunch and dinner. Closed Monday. £-££

Antica Caffé Spinnato – Via Principe Belmonte, the pedestrian road off Via Ruggero Settimo. Voted best café in Italy twice in the recent past. Excellent coffee, cakes and ice-creams, but also serves light lunches including sandwiches, snacks, salads and pasta. £

Trattoria degli Artisti – Via Torquato Tasso, tel. 346 735 5848. Out of the centre, but easily accessible (just off Via Libertá), this small, simple, family-run trattoria gets the very best out of exceptionally fresh ingredients. The young chef, Giuseppe, has a special touch. Find out more here. £-££

Di Martino – Via Mazzini (just off Via della Libertá). Excellent sandwiches and good pasta dishes at lunch. Sandwiches only in the evening. £

Porticello (a few km east of Palermo)

Franco u’ Piscaturi (Antica Trattoria dell’Arco) – Largo Pescheria 16, tel. 091 957758. Renowned restaurant, serving excellent fish. Outside seating. ££

Trattoria al Faro Verde – Largo S. Nicolicchia 14, tel. 091 957977. Wonderful sea views and good food. £££

La Rotonda – Via Della Rotonda 8, tel. 091 953717. Near Casteldaccia just off the SS113 this good bar has a terrace with sea views and is ideal for a quick snack, an easy lunch or an ice-cream. £


Trattoria Mario – Piazza Umberto I, 20. Simple place serving local island fare. It position on the main square, with outside seating, is very pleasant. £-££



Leon d’Oro – in San Leone, on the coast due south of Agrigento, Viale Emporium 102, tel.  0922 414400. Probably the best restaurant in the Agrigento area, serving mainly fish dishes. Montalbano, the detective of Camilleri’s best-selling novels is a fictional regular! Open 12.30 – 15.30, 19.30 – 23.30. Closed on Mondays. £££

Castellammare del Golfo (between Palermo and Trapani, near Lo Zingaro – see also Scopello)

Ristorante del Golfo – Via Segesta 153, tel. 0924 30257. In the centre of town without views but has some of the freshest, best cooked fish dishes in town. Open lunch and dinner. Closed Tuesday in winter. ££ – £££

Ristorante New Salvinius – Via Don L. Zangara 69, tel. 0924 30185. Right on the harbour with a nice outside area. Serves mainly fish.Open every day for lunch and dinner. £-  ££

Erice (see also Trapani)

Monte San Giuliano – Vicolo San Rocco 7, tel. 0923 869595, Traditional Sicilian fare served in the terrace-garden in the summer. Both meat and fish dishes available. Closed most of January and November and on Mondays. ££

L’Osteria Di Venere – Via Roma 6, tel. 0923 869362. A good, simple eatery serving wholesome local recipes. £-££

La Pentolaccia – Via Guarnotti 17, tel. 0923 869099, Set in a one-time monastery, this restaurant serves good fish dishes including the western Sicilian speciality, cous cous.Closed on Tuesdays (except in August) and most of January and February.££


La Madia – Via Filippo Re Capriata, tel. 0922 771443, Pino Cuttaia is regarded by many as the most talented chef working in Sicily and he has two Michelin Stars. True gourmets flock to a restaurant that is decidedly off the tourist trail. A modern take on Sicilian cuisine, with clever combinations of ingredients that seem entirely natural only after you have tasted them. £££


Trattoria Garibaldi – Porta Garibaldi – Piazza Addolorata, tel. 0923 953006, From the beginning of June to end of September al fresco dining in the square is de rigueur. Open Monday to Friday for lunch and dinner. Saturday for dinner and Sunday for lunch. ££

I Bucanieri- Via Lungomare Mediterraneo, next to the tourist port, tel. 0923 953477, Known for its grilled meat dishes and antipasto. Outdoor dining on the terrace in summer. Open every day for lunch and dinner. ££-£££

Mammacaura – Saline Ettore Infersa, tel. 0923 966133. Situated at the pier where the salt museum is and from where boats to Mothya leave. It overlooks the salt-pans and is very charming, especially at sunset! Its food is unpretentious but good, and includes salads and other snacks. Open for lunch and dinner. ££

Fior di Sale – at the Saline Ettore Infersa a few hundred metres past Mammacaura (above), tel. 03248965988 or 03274077156. Recommended for its good food and service, its views over

Mozia and the stagnone and, from June to mid-August, for its exceptional sunset views. They also serve pizza. Open for lunch and dinner. Closed Monday. ££-£££

Porto Palo di Menfi (on the south coast between Selinunte and Sciacca)

Da Vittorio – Via Friuli Venezia Giulia 9, tel. 0925 78381, On the beach, very good fish – favourite restaurant of Giorgio Locatelli! Open for lunch and dinner (during the summer). Best to book.£££


Thaam- Via Duca degli Abruzzi, 32, tel. 0923  Serving delicious Moroccan influenced dishes including the town famous cous cous. Booking suggested. Open for lunch and dinner. ££

Pocho – Residence Insulidda, Makari, tel. 0923 972525, A few kilometres before San Vito lo Capo, in the Makari area, with wonderful views over the sea. Fixed menus, with 2 thematic evenings – Spanish food on Thursdays, typical cous cous on Sundays. Book in advance. Closed most of the winter until April. Open only in the evenings. Open only from April to September and in the evenings. £££

Da Alfredo – Contrada Valanga 3, tel. 0923 972366. Excellent fresh fish is served at this popular restaurant just before you arrive in San Vito on the right. Open only in the summer months for lunch and dinner. Closed Monday lunch.££

Gnà Sara – Via Duca Degli Abruzzi 8, tel. 0923 972100, Right in the centre of town, serves fish, piazza and excellent fish cous-cous. Open for lunch and dinner in the summer months.££


Hostaria Del Vicolo – Vicolo lo Sammaritano 10, just off Via Licata, tel. 0925 23071, A highly respected Slow Food restaurant serving good fish dishes, especially prawns. Open for lunch and dinner. Closed Monday.£££

Trattoria La Vecchia Conza – Via Gerardi 39, tel. 0925 25385, No menu! They just bring you lots of food and lots of antipasti and fish dishes. Closed on Mondays and in November. ££

Porto San Paolo – Largo San Paolo 7, tel. 0925 27982. Great views and great fish! ££

Scopello (between Trapani and Palermo, just near Lo Zingaro – see also Castellammare del Golfo)

Ristorante Pizzeria Il Baglio – Via Baglio Isonzo, tel. 0924 541200. Inside the wonderful baglio of Scopello. Typical Sicilian food. ££

Ristorante La Terrazza – Via Marco Polo, tel. 0924 541198. Good food and wonderful views of the sea. ££ – £££


La Pineta – Via della Pineta, Marinella di Selinunte, tel. 0924 46820. On the beach just east of Selinunte. Excellent fresh fish and great lobster. Book in advance. Deck-chairs and sun-shades are available to relax before or after lunch or dinner. ££

Trapani (see also Erice)

Tavernetta Ai Lumi – Corso Vittorio Emanuele 25, tel. 0923 872418, In the centre of Trapani, this well-respected restaurant and wine bar serves both meat and fish dishes at reasonable prices.Open for lunch and dinner. Closed in July and on Sundays. ££

Ristorantino Ligny – Largo delle Ninfe, tel. 349 6405483. Well-known for its lobster soup with pasta, this is another of the owner’s favourites. Closed on Tuesdays. ££-£££

La Bettolaccia – Via Fardella, tel. 0923 21695, A nice, quiet seafood restaurant tucked away in the old-town centre. Open Monday to Friday for lunch and dinner and Saturday and Sunday for dinner only. ££

Taverna Paradiso – Lungomare Dante Alighieri, 22, tel. 0923 22 303. Ask the locals where to get the best fish dinner and most would say Taverna Paradiso! Make sure you check the prices of the pick your own fish second course, so as not to get hit with a surprise. Closed on Sunday. ££-£££

Pizzeria Da Calvino – Via Ferro Giuseppe 3, tel. 0923 21464. One of the most popular (good and cheap!) in town. It gets very crowded at weekends. Open for dinner only. Closed on Tuesday. £

Cantina Siciliana- Via Giudeca 32, tel. 0923 28673, Excellent trattoria whose owner Piero really cares! ££

P & G- Via Spalti1, tel. 0923 547701. Good simple honest food and pizza in the evening. ££

I Grilli Bracceria and Wine bar- Corso Vittorio Emanuele 67, tel. 0923 20663 Grilled meat dishes and local cheeses and salami with a good selection of quality wines. ££

Arhci di Serisso- Via Serisso 47, tel. 0923 26113. Top level Sicilian fish dishes. ££-£££


La Nicchia – Contrada Scauri Bassi, tel. 0923 916342, Between the harbour and the town this restaurant-pizzeria is set in an Arabic garden specialising in seafood dishes. They also have a shop in Pantelleria, where they sell products from their farm. ££-£££

La Vela – in Scauri by the sea, tel. 0923916566. A bar and restaurant that is open at lunch and dinner. ££

U Friscu – After the square in Scauri, following directions to Rekhale. A good spot for an aperitif or a sandwich or salad for lunch. Not open for dinner.

Tracino – Khamma

Bar di Cala Levante – on the road going towards the “Elephant”. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


La Risacca – Via Padova 65, tel. 0923 912975. Near the harbour, this restaurant naturally specialises in fish dishes. ££-£££

The Egadi Islands


Al Bar delle Due Colonne – Piazza Madrice 76. For breakfast, a snack or a good plate of pasta. Good value for money. £

Al Bar del Corso – Corso Vittorio Emanuele 40, tel. 0923 92129.  A nice place for an aperitif and excellent authentic home cooking, overseen by mamma herself. £


In Levanzo there are only two places to eat, both of which serve very fresh fish and other local dishes.

Hotel Paradiso – Via Calvario 133, tel. 0923 924080. £

Hotel Dei Fenici – Via Calvario 18. £


La Scaletta – Via Telegrafo 2, tel. 0923 923233, The restaurant where Jamie Oliver cooked during his tour of Italy. For non-Oliver fans, it’s still worth a visit as the food is excellent! ££-£££

Trattoria Il Veliero – Via Umberto 22, tel. 0923 923195. Their specialty is a sublime zuppa all’aragosta (lobster soup), that you need to order at least ½ day before. Many people go to Marettimo just for it! £££


Cavalluccio Marino – Contrada Cala Croce, tel. 338 2755249, Good fish recipes using whatever’s found in the surrounding sea!

I Gemelli – Contrada Cala Pisana 2, tel. 0922 970699. Interesting restaurant serving an excellent mix of Sicilian and Tunisian cuisine. ££-£££

Il Delfino Azzurro – Via Sbarcatoio 21, tel. 0922 973622. Situated at the old port, this restaurant serves typical Lampedusan cuisine, mainly based on fresh locally-caught fish. ££


Errera – Via Scalo Vecchio. Great position overlooking the old port. Simple, homely food, generally cooked well. £-££

THE NEBRODI COAST AND THE AEOLIAN ISLANDS – Capo d’Orlando (see also Capri Leone)

La Tartaruga – Contrada San Gregorio 70, tel. 0941 955013, If you’re going to try one restaurant in Capo d’Orlando, this is probably the one to go for. One of Sicily’s historical restaurants, famous for its excellent food, service and position overlooking the sea. It’s a good place for a special lunch (also with kids) followed by an afternoon on the beach…right across the road. ££

Capri Leone (near Capo d’Orlando)

Antica Filanda – Contrada Raviola, Capri Leone, tel. 0941 919704 (6 km from the motorway junction A20- Rocca di Caprileone, in direction of Caprileone – Mirto), One of the most famous restaurants in Sicily, known, amongst other things, for its mushroom and pork specialities. Well worth a visit if you like your food. Best to book in advance. Open for lunch and dinner. Closed Mondays ££

Milazzo (on the north coast, west of Messina)

Piccolo Casale – Via R. dAmico 12, tel. 0909 9224479, In the centre of

Milazzo’s historic centre serving excellent fish. There are 2 tasting menus with 4 or 6 dishes and an excellent wine list with which to accompany them. £££

The Aeolian Islands


Da Franco – Via Balvedere 8, tel. 090 9843287. Above town (follow signs from via Risorgimento, 20 minutes walk). Beautiful terrace and views, excellent fish specialties. ££

Portobello – tel. 090 9843125.  Beautiful terrace by the port. Excellent local antipasti. ££

Nni Lausta – Via Risorgimento 188, tel. 090 9843468. Bar & restaurant with a lovely patio serving drinks until late. Very good food. Take the advice of the eccentric, renowned chef, Fabio. ££

Mamma Santina – Via Sanita 40, tel. 090 9843054, Friendly service, decent food, cheapish prices and a wonderful sea view terrace. ££


Hotel Signum – Via Scalo 15, 090 9844222, Lovely romantic  restaurant overlooking the sea and serving family recipes passed down over generations. ££-£££

A Lumeredda – Via San Lorenzo, tel. 090 9844130, Traditional cuisine and pizza, served in a lively courtyard. They are also famous for their original sweets, which make nice little presents to take home.



A Cannata – Via Umberto I , tel. 090 9843161, On the seafront, near the Church. Traditional cuisine at reasonable prices. £


Filippino – Piazza Mazzini (in front of the city hall), tel. 090 9811002, A “historic” restaurant with an excellent reputation, specializing in fish. £££

E Pulera – Via I. Conti, tel. 090 9811158, Excellent fish specialties, in a candle-lit citrus tree garden. ££


Ristorante Maria Tindara – Via Provinciale 38, tel. 090 9853004. Basic kind of restaurant serving excellent, traditional Aeolian food, including grilled meat and fish. On Wednesday and Saturday evenings it does a special bean and mussel soup. ??

Tavole e Favole – Sabbie Nere, tel. 090 9852219. Excellent cuisine specialising in fresh fish. Large buffet of antipasti and good wine list. ££

Da Conti – right on the sabbie nere (black sands) beach. Very popular all day round, from breakfast to lunch and then onto aperitif and dinner time (good pizza). You can leave your towels laid on the beach (and the kids making sand castles) whilst enjoying good food and drinks. £


Da Pina – Via San Pietro 3, tel. 090 983032, It doesn’t have sea views but compensates with an excellent menu and very friendly service. Open all year round. ££-£££

Antonio il Macellaio – Via San Pietro 20, tel. 090 983033. From the butcher’s shop you access a terrace with sea views. Very good meat dishes. Open only for dinner. ££-£££

Hotel Raya – Via S. Pietro, tel. 090 983013, The first luxury, “trendy” hotel in the Aeolian Islands has always been famous for its spectacular terrace overlooking the sea, the meeting point for aperitifs.


Ai Geki – follow the arrows on the walls and streets from Via Roma, tel. 090 986213. Excellent fish specialties, in a quiet, secluded Aeolian garden. ££

La Locanda Del Barbablu – Via Vittorio Emanuele 17, tel. 090 986118, Excellent authentic recipes served in a cosy setting. They also have a few beautiful rooms if you can’t get home! ££

Da Luciano – Via Roma 15, tel. 090 986088. Pizzeria and restaurant with a beautiful terrace overlooking the sea. ££

Da Nino sul Mare – Via Porto, tel. 090 9889984. It’s the bar / news agent / restaurant that you see once you get off the hydrofoil. It has a simple terrace on the sea where you can enjoy a relaxing breakfast and typical Aeolian dishes. £

Hippocampus – tel. 340 3811915. Cocktail bar and fish restaurant with a lovely terrace with sea views. Their tartare de thon is well worth trying. £££


Don Camillo – Via Maestranza 96, tel. 0931 67133, One of the best restaurants in Siracusa considered an institution. It serves an interesting menu of fish dishes and has an excellent wine list. £££

Regina Lucia – Piazza Duomo 6, tel 0931 22509, Mediterranean cuisine, excellent fresh fish, all in the magical location of one of Italy’s finest piazzas. £££

La Finanziera – Via Epicarmo 41, tel. 0931 61888. A very good, if simple local eatery serving some of the freshest fish you’ll find. The restaurant has been owned by an energetic lady for several decades. She does things her way but if you’re happy to go with the flow, you should have a great experience! ££

Osteria Apollonion – Via Carmelo Campisi 18, tel. 0931 483362. Cosy restaurant behind Piazza

Archimede, serving really fresh fish at an excellent price: about €35 per person all included. It’s quite small so we recommend booking.

La Volpe e L’Uva – Piazza Duomo 20, tel. 0931 66029. A very atmospheric location on the main piazza in Ortigia opposite the cathedral. Great for pizzas and salads open for lunch and dinner. £-££

Le Vin de l’Assassin Bistrot – Via Roma 115, tel. 0931 66159. French food revisited with excellent Sicilian ingredients. Famous for its fish carpaccio and desserts. ££

Porta Marina – Via Candelai 35, tel. 0931 22553. A great fish restaurant, lovely atmosphere, excellent service and wide choice of wines. £££

Antica Locanda da Enrico – Via Vittorio Veneto 189, tel. 0931 66343. A good and simple fish restaurant. We suggest the antipasti selection and that you ask the friendly chef for his recommendations. Closed on Mondays. ££

Il Veliero – Via Savoia 6, tel. 0931 465887. Another very good fish restaurant  in Ortigia. £££

Piano B – Via Cairoli 18, tel. 0931 66851,   Cosy modern restaurant serving meat dishes and pizza. Perfect for light lunches. Closed on Monday. £-££

Fiordilatte – Via Porto Grande 8, tel. 0931 24971. The best ice-cream in the area using only seasonal and local ingredients. £

Red Moon – Riva Porto Lachio 36, tel. 0931 60356. Simple trattoria with fish and pasta dishes, very popular with locals. £-££

La Vineria Cafe – Via Cavour 9, tel. 349 1384997 or 388 1280187. Great for a quick lunch or an aperitif. Good selection of wines, open all day. £

The Val di Noto and the southeast


Ristorante Coria – Via Infermeria 24, tel. 0933 26596, A fabulous Michelin-starred restaurant, whose two young chefs learnt their trade at Duomo in Ragusa. £££

La Piazzetta – Via Vespri 20/A, tel. 0933 24178? (in the old town centre just a short walk from the famous Scale). Restaurant and pizzeria offering good honest food. ££

La Scala – Scala Santa Maria del Monte 8, tel. 0933 57781. Right on the famous steps, La Scala is set in a lovely Baroque palace and also has a terrace and garden area for the summer. The cuisine is old-style Sicilian and very good indeed! ££-£££


Il Consiglio di Sicilia – Via Casmene 79, tel. 0932 938062 or 340 9448923. A chic and elegant restaurant serving excellent food and a good selection of wines. A must if you are in the area! £££


Mezzaparola – Via Martiri d’Ungheria, tel. 0932 937474. Great spot to enjoy the sunset with an aperitivo on the lovely veranda. The menu offers a great selection of fish dishes and Sicilian wines.  ££

Al Molo – Via Perello, 90, tel. 0932 937710. Lovely restaurant serving delicious traditional dishes. ££

Blue Moon – Via Casmene 6. A café on the promenade of Donnalucata selling the best ice-cream around!


Ariston – Via Roma 353, tel. 0935 26038. Simple, home-cooked food done well! Mostly meat (as you would expect in the middle of Sicily) but a few fish dishes too. ££


Torre Marabino – La Moresca – Contrada Marabino, tel. 0932 795060, Well-respected restaurant in a beautiful agriturismo setting, offering a lovely al fresco atmosphere and excellent food. ££-£££

Marina di Ragusa

Lido Azzurro Ristorante da Serafino – Lungomare Andrea Doria, tel. 0932 239522. Lovely lido and sea-food restaurant on the beach.  ££

Marzamemi (on the coast south of Noto)

La Cialoma – Piazza Regina Margherita, tel. 0931 8417772, Very nice restaurant with tables on the charming piazzetta. Especially good during the Festival of Frontier Cinema with its open air screenings. Famous for fish, in particular tuna and swordfish. ££

Cortile Arabo – Piazza Regina Margherita (in a courtyard behind the main square), tel. 0931 841678. Lovely atmosphere in a more tranquil setting, good fish and local dishes.

Il Principino – Piazza Regina Margherita 2, tel. 0931 841646. Pizza and fish dishes with tables on the sea front and on the main square. Perfect location for listening to the open-air concerts during the summer months.


Osteria dei Sapori Perduti  – Corso Umberto I, tel. 0932 944247, One of the best restaurants in Modica serving traditional Modica dishes. The meatballs are excellent as are the ravioli. ££

Accursio – Via Grimaldi, 41, tel. 0932 941689, Cutting edge, Michelin-starred contemporary cuisine from the young Sicilian chef Accursio Craparo. £££

Torre d’Oriente – Via Posterla 29, tel. 0932 948160. Lovely restaurant serving excellent local cuisine. Great views from the terrace and an excellent wine list too. £££

Fattoria Delle Torri – Vico Napolitano 14, tel. 0932 751286. Excellent, refined Sicilian recipes! £££

La Locanda del Colonnello – Vicolo Biscari, 6, tel. 0932  941059,  An excellent trattoria. ££

Antica Dolceria Bonajuto – Corso Umberto I 159, (in front of the Duomo di San Pietro),  Great pastries and cakes.  Take a tour and try their fantastic chilli chocolate!


Anche Gli Angeli – Via Arnaldo da Brescia 20, tel 0931 576023. A very fancy lounge bar and restaurant, perfect for an aperitif and dinner ££

Trattoria Al Crocifisso da Baglieri – Via P.Umberto 46-48, tel. 0931 571151. There are not many tables so it is better to reserve if in high season or on bank holidays. Typical Sicilian food and probably one of the best restaurants in Noto. ££

Trattoria Il Cantuccio – Via Cavour 12, tel. 340 7449009 – 0931 837464. Closed on Mondays. ££

Borgo Alveria – Contrada Noto Antica, SP 64, tel. 0931 810003, Set in the hills where old Noto stood before the earthquake of 1693, this stylish restaurant serves the owners family recipes, passed down through generations… all accompanied by some excellent wines. ££-£££

Caffé Sicilia –  Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 125, tel: 0931 835013. Excellent pastries and a very good selection of wines and liquors.

Mandolfiore – Opposite Trattoria del Carmine in Via Ducezio 2. Very popular with locals for its delicious pastries, ice cream and granite.

Marpessa – Vico Carrozzieri, tel. 0931 835225. A small little cafe for delicious pastries, aperitifs and food. Closed on Mondays. ££

Trattoria Fontana d’Ercole – Via Salonia 29, tel. 0931 837772. A simple trattoria that serves authentic fish and pasta dishes. £-££

Piazza Armerina

Al Fogher – C.da Bellia (main road) SS117 bis, Piazza Armerina, tel. 0935 684123.  Advisable to book in advance as this is considered to be one of the best restaurants in Sicily.  The chef and owner, Angelo, has a reputation throughout Europe. £££

La Tavernetta – Via Cavour 14, (just up from piazza Garibaldi in the old town). A nice, friendly, family run place, great for lunch.  They specialise in fish but offer other authentic Sicilian dishes for a reasonable price.  £

Azienda Agrituristica Bannata – Contrada Bannata (main road) SS117 bis, at the 41km point, tel. 0935 681355 or 329 6274918, Advisable to book in advance. This is an 18th century farm, maintained in its original structure. They produce their own olive oil, honey, vinegar, cheese etc. ££

Agriturismo Savoca – Contrada Polleri 13, tel. 0935 683078, This is a very pleasant B&B surrounded by beautiful woods. The restaurant offers traditional Sicilian dishes and there are also horse-riding facilities! ££


Sea Sound –  Lungomare Raganzino, tel. 0932 953519, Fish restaurant and pizzeria with terrace by the sea. ££

Lo Stadio – Via dello Stadio 22, tel. 0932 953697. Good selection of fresh fish dishes and pizzeria. ££


Duomo – Via Capitano Bocchieri 31, tel. 0932 651265,  Arguably the finest restaurant in Sicily with 2 Michelin Stars.  £££

Locanda Don Serafino – Via Orfanotrofio 39, tel. 0932 248778, Refined and elegantly presented seasonal cuisine in this Michelin-starred restaurant. £££

La Locandina – Via Orfanotrofio 39, tel. 0932 220231. Restaurant, pizzeria and wine bar. Great service and wide choice of wines. Closed on Thursday. ££-£££

La Fenice – Via Gandhi, 3, tel. 0932 604140, Yet another Michelin-starred restaurant, this time just outside Ragusa. Creative recreations of classic local dishes made with the best local ingredients. £££

Trattoria La Bettola – Largo Camerina 7, tel. 0932 653377,  Good traditional trattoria. ££

Gelati DiVini – Piazza Duomo 20,  A great wine bar with a wonderful ice-cream selection, including Malvasia wine and Passito varieties.  The chilli flavoured chocolate cioccolato con pepperoncino is a must-try!


Donna Patrizia – Via Platamone, 26, tel 0931 855447, A small restaurant with only 5 tables serving classic recipes in a creative way. Excellent wine selection too. ££ – £££


Pomodoro – Corso Garibaldi 46, tel. 0932 931444. One of the best restaurants in the area specialising in traditional local cuisine. ££-£££

Baqqala – Piazzetta Ficili, facing the beautiful baroque Palazzo Beneventano, tel. 0932 931028. With its great location this is the place for an aperitif or an informal dinner (they have daily menu with few dishes). They normally have a DJ or live music at weekends. ££

Pura Follia – Piazza Carmine, tel. 339 8476585. A simple pizzeria with a great choice of pizzas and al fresco dining. £

Scoglitti (on the coast below Ragusa)

Sakalleo – Piazza Cavour 12, tel. 0932 871688. People travel from afar to taste some of the freshest fish to be found in this area. Excellent food in a homely environment. ££-£££