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This is my synesso MVP all pimped out by Titus – they are the top tuners of coffee machines in and around the coffee globe. Titus is run, operated and savagely smart Frank Durrer and his technical man Marcus, a coffee wizard who focuses on the machines and their movements, while Frank loves the DLC and RedSpeed coatings, he is an expert, and a friend after a few machines. So, why do I own three coffee machines I was asked; when I first started to learn about coffee machines I wanted a Strada and was hell bent on getting one.

Unfortunately it was almost impossible to get a single group, so I ordered a two group machine for my kitchen. Luckily I never received it even though I had angst about it, and felt let down by the supplier who gave me the run around. It wasn’t a year later, I was travelling to Modernist Cuisine’s test kitchen that I met Tony, who is the resident coffee expert amongst other more important things. I was in the cafe space getting a coffee and I saw there a La Marzocco single group and nearly collapsed, my dream come true: https://mesubim.com/2014/05/07/strada-la-marazocco/

I finally discovered a single group La Marzocco Strada, at least I thought so. To make a long story short, I came to know the right people and ordered a Strada single shot, and it was custom built, a unique customized machine. Later on, years later, when I decided to take off all the plastic of my machine, I took it apart to send to Frank and he told me, “Yosh, it’s not a Strada” and he was right, it is a shot brewer.

I customized my shot brewer and Frank has taken it all apart, or should I say I didn’t, and then I carried it there and he has milled all new pieces and coated them to my liking – a work in progress. Never underestimate the level of work that goes into coating, a machine cannot look like that without lots of efforts, and I mean lots.

It was a year later, and Frank was nagging about his newest edition the Slayer, which I’ve known for years and always admired, a machine I wanted to buy, but I decided not to acquire it. After a half year Frank called me about a Slayer, and I bought it. It was amazing to see the huge difference in pulling a shot, and my wife who is also working with all our coffee machines, she pulled her best shot. I was hooked and the Slayer is just incredible, there are few machines quite like it: https://mesubim.com/2018/02/27/slayer-beast-pressure-versus-flow-video/

Some time passed and my Slayer has been my second love for American made machines, and one day I had a call from Frank, and he said “Yosh” this machine, and I said what machine, and he said the MVP Synesso. I had never heard of it, and Frank insisted it is the best machine, he insisted the Synesso MVP Hydra is in another league. Well, I didn’t hesitate because if you want the world’s best, you will have to pay for it. The next machine was the Synesso and below you can see how beautiful it looks, just check out the before and after, and Frankly (no pun intended) Franks’ machines are money for value and if you can afford a nice car, or a nice watch, buy one of works of gorgeousness. I salute Frank and Marcus for their determination in producing the worlds #1 in customized coffee machines, and you can trust them, they are serious and respect what they do, and I have always had 100% support in dealing with after service, even if I am as far away as Tokyo.




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