Sufflot Meursault

In a former winegrower’s house on the main road through the Côte d’Or (8 Route Nationale 74, 21190 Meursault) it is in the village of Meursault across the road from Mikulski. The entrance is non-descript it says ‘accueil’ and it looks like an office bureau and not the entrance to Sufflot.

I starred through a window watching a group of clients seated sipping wine, I still couldn’t find the entrance until my wife took me by the hand (oh old age). No doubt it is easy to find if you know your way from the route nationale as the entrance to the parking is squeezed between buildings and signage is discrete.

The restaurant is unassuming, casual and non pretentious – and no menu, you just go for it, so vegetarians forget it.

The building’s interior is colored by yellow walls and blue chairs, the idea of this Burgundian decor is not what I call warm. The botles are flanked as soliders and they have one communla table for those who walk in without a reservation.

I guess they did the minimum to open although the kitchen was an investmwent, but Jérémy Pezé 30 is no doubt a good chef and his business partner Charles Bufane 35 is a good-quiet sommelier.

The owners are cool French dudes, tattoos and wine, it all works in Meursault. I read trip advisor as I always do, but I look more to see the photos. I read the sommelier was snobby but ‘Au contraire mon frère’ – he is just doing his job and has to serve 12 tables – all demanding to drink wines from their amazing wine list.

So the menu and wine list here comprise a twenty-four page book, and one page lists the menu (no real food description) all ridiculously inexpensive for what they offer. We thought the food was excellent and only 50 Euro – it is a modest sum for all the effort believe me. The food keep flowing and the service was excellent, this Raie was really good and had a crunch texture.

These two owners are modest and quiet, both busy as hell running like mad to serve customers – they did an excellent job. Just two staff + one helper for 35+ covers, it takes lots of energy and we give it thumbs up👍🏻

I mentioned to the owner that I thought it was modest and he politely said, “the portions are small” and while it is true you do not leave hungry. And we drank a fabulous d”Auvenay Meursault.

And we finished with a good sweet wine Cuvee Constance 2009 Huet that left us in great conversation with a group of sommeliers from Sweden, it was an awesome night. /Bravo!!/Merci/

PS: They have second restaurant Le Maufoux in Beaune: