Asador Nicolas Tolosa – video

The experience at Nicolas is one of a kind, in a category of restaurant you’ll crave and it is all about their philosophy. Nicolas is a family-run restaurant going back in time several generations, operated by his grandfather and grandmother (Nicolas and Pepita) but history alone is not what makes a restaurant great, it is the humble qualities of the Basque people who never give up in offering the finest raw materials and an sincere and passionate experience. It is the simplicity and the fact that they love what they do and it shows through and through.

The chef father (Pedro) and son team, Xavier nick-named “chavy” is in the kitchen, with his Mom Masha. Chavy disappears and you’ll wonder why as his dad is at the grill preparing the beef on the grill. “Chavy” is running the entire night in the back of the house doing what must get done, cutting beef, baking bread, or the cheesecake that is sublime, and all this is so his dad can stay at the asador (spit-grill). The back of the house is spotless, as we walk through the kitchen “Chavy” introduces us to his mom, and we are on our way to the meat locker.

The cuisine is perfect and obviously or any meat lover you’ll taste the best aged beef on planet Basque: and the beef carpaccio is hand-selected by “chavy”, and it is second to none.

It is true tradition rings a bell at Nicolas, yet the menu is simple and sophisticated enough for any Michelin goer or steak snob. At the same time, there is one word that comes to mind when I think of Nicolas, and that is respect. Respect for people, tradition, family, wine, clients and of course their own aged beef.