Ramiro Lisbon ***

A tourist trap no doubt but a good one, it bustles all day and some seafood are definitely fresh while other less so. Yes, the bread, its as light as a lightbulb, and the oil makes it seem just right for dipping in the sauces.

Restaurant Ramiro opens from 12h00 until midnight, and Portuguese love their crab caranguejo and lobster, there you’ll find cooked fresh seafood fantastmagastic, it is flowing with people from all over the globe.

I arrived to a small queue, and there was a homeless guy there assisting clients in obtaining tickets and checking how long a wait, he had it figured out as he claims, “why don’t they fucking hire me”. I thought he was right and inside its hard to do much except eat seafood.

I ordered a couple Cristal, it is a key ingredient to eating seafood there, or if you prefer a simple white or beer, we stuck to bubbles. I admit after ordering Cristal they did pump up the service even though it isn’t a place where you expect much, people are ordinary and the walls are like any restaurant in popular demand.

And the lobster and the corian white hammer made good sense but make sure you bring a change of cloths, it is one messy lobster yet worth it.

No reservations: Avenida Almirante Reis 1 G-H, Intendente, Lisbon.