New Normal Covid-19

Here we go 3-months of spreading Wuhan Covid-19 and we are facing the increasing spread of the virus and no wonder if you see how slow some countries have been to tackle the spread – watch out in the USA.

I have been thinking about the consequences as we all have, and for some, it is closer than others the fatalities. My heart goes out to the numerous Italian friends who are suffering, economically and otherwise. Quarantine for many people will become an experience we wish to forget, and a way of life for some weeks, and even months. But is that the best way to fight Covid-19?

Right now I am sitting in Tokyo and deciphering the code, and for those on the inside we are few, and mostly those on the outside are feeling desperate. Let’s just say this is a time when we cannot distinguish between what we need to do, what needs to be done, and how we can best survive this crisis.

But this is the first time in my life all of us are in the same boat, a place we wish never existed – a sci-fi movie, a bad dream. I become more and more concerned as close friends become infected, and recently two friends both in Europe are infected and it is a game of roulette.

We are still unsure as to how the virus can influence our immune systems and we all know the rate of spread is the main concern, or it should be. The first reason is the healthcare centers globally cannot sustain a rush of people. So is testing and more testing going to solve the spread? The answer is no, and the fact is many would run to hospitals creating epicenters of desperation. In Japan, we have to monitor the deaths and the spread rate is important but not my main focus. However, it can be later on.

My view is simple, we will all get it, a new RNA flu cold, and it can kill or simply leave us feeling bad and pass without any real notice or effect. The reality is the new status quo, the new norm, and until we all accept we will get the virus and learn to live with it, embrace it and manage it, we cannot get back to the new normal. I am not in any way dismissing the significance of the virus, I just believe we cannot irradicate it by isolating people, and the reason is no borders can protect us forever unless we learn to live in isolation.

It is time we re-learn to be independent of China and cheap resources, and we must sustain our own economies and re-build our base, independently so each country can stay relevant. The world will now begin to re-balance and this is the cost, human life, lots of grief and economic strife, a total wipeout.