Kitcho Arashiyama Kyoto

Micro-details, placement, and perfection are used to signify beauty in detail. The human eye either eats with its stomach, or its eye, and careful attention and appreciation to detail matter most.

If you think of kaiseki it involves the most intricate details. The sculpture of technique, the supply of what most people call kilometer zero, foods which come from nearby farms or from forest floors. Mostly natural, if not all, it is a spiritual cuisine, a classicism, roots tied with great tea masters, and Shogunate.

Kaiseki develops its form from tea ceremony and is considered to be amongst the highest level of Japanese cuisine.

There is a formality to it but since the last number of years things have changed, more accessible to a much broader audience it’s more commercial than before.

Consequently, quality varies but its style still dominates the experience of Japanese ritual.

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