Ice Slurry

So what is it? Ice slurry is sherbet-like seawater ice with microscale features of ice particles that offers a great advantage in allowing significant reduction for waste or loss in quality. It is used on major fishing vessels fresh fishing and processing fish.

The ice slurry directly made of seawater has a great advantage in maintaining the color and musculature of fish harmonizing osmotic pressure under the same environment in which the fish had been grown.

The key is the particular structure of the ice and it is rounded and smooth instead of share and coarse. Therefore, it moves, captures and covers a greater area by using rounded particles, hence it distributes more evenly creating a better overall result preserving product integrity.

But slurry technology is not just used in the fishing industry and is used in preserving the integrity of vegetables at harvest. With the fastest chilling rate able to reduce core product temperature to -°C in less than a minute.

Deep chilling provides the most effective method of bringing the temperature of the broccoli down to 0°C after harvest. This is an essential step to stopping the degradation process and preserving peak broccoli quality and freshness. The slurry ice process is fantastic in helping us transport, adds value in peaks freshness and minimizes spoilage of products.

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