Cruising Covid

The markets will continue to go up and down for the next three months until we have some reassurance on where we are going and the effects of Covid are established.

Well we all know more or less the impact is enormous, yet we somehow tried to wish it away a little bit like Donald Trump, but more politely. The major issues are the travel and leisure industry and one of the first priorities is to get tourism stimulated but before we can do that we need to have in place the reliable test.

Each traveler should be tested going and coming from their destination and then we can implement simple measures which can be the same in an airport where you walk through a metal detector but this will detect your body temperature.

The next important important question is the cruise line industry and support by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who has decided to throw its weight behind Carnival Corporation. The Middle-Eastern kingdom purchased a staggering 43 million shares of the embattled cruise company giving it an 8.2% stake in Carnival. So what does it mean?

That means we could be back where we were before over the course of the next 24 months, small cities like Mykonos or Venice find themselves overwhelmed by these cruise ships that come into port and simply dump people who walk through and buy souvenirs mostly from China.

This doesn’t make any sense and something needs to be done about it in order or all of us to have a better social conscience. We need to come together as a community and realize that there has to be a balance between business and sustainability.

A good friend of ours who lives in Venice suggests (rightly so) the idea is Venice should be sustainable green and they turn it into a cultural place not just a place for cruise ships come with hundreds of thousands of people who have the interest in getting pictured in Piazza San Marco, known as St. Mark Square.

This is a vicious circle because to sit in the Square the owners of the cafes have to pay an exorbitant amount of rent to have a small territory to put chairs serving coffees or cocktails that cost €25 apiece. This is the vicious circle and it’s something we need to think about and Covid gives us a chance to reevaluate where we went wrong.

Each of us has our own independent views of what is right and wrong whether it’s social media, or it’s travel and tourism as an industry. Obviously people are protecting their financial interests but no doubt they’re going to have to re-evaluate their business model and it needs to evolve into something which is more current with what is happening in our lives today.

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