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There will always be a need for alternatives away from the politicized ways of our global leaders, imagine a war, and now imagine cryptocurrencies.

We all have the growing need for a new digital roadmap the sharing of data as the analog lives we once knew have almost vanished. While many will argue our brains will never develop as before, we replace a brush with a pen, an electronic pen, and without manual writing, we will become a sort of electronic mush balls.

But who cares if the standards are changed and replaced with new digital standards? No one can really do much, and if we take some of the oldest Japanese traditions they are vanishing, i.e. kimono, Ikebana, and even tea ceremony, they were the core of Japanese society and today the new-generation Japanese hardly care.

Japanese youth are more interested in icons of social media and Anime something I could never quite understand. Is it the idea of the perfect world, a reflection of ourselves as imperfect? I have no idea and while Anime is still popular, it will eventually be replaced with a new social iconography just like cartoons. The paper world we lived in, the world we tried to save from ruining rain forests and jungles it is all going to be saved by microchips – the irony kills us.

Think about it the new roadmap we will all discover over time isn’t as straight forward as it seems. Our kids and generations to follow will re-create the digital world with Internet-of -Things defined as the interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data. It means more speed and lots more connectivity, all of which might stem from the growing use of blockchain and advanced device technologies.

So if you think Bitcoin is nonsense think twice because once we have digital currencies, the Fiat currencies will become papered antiques. Just like the coins we once used and the knives and toys you find on the shelves of antique shops. So ask yourself will digital currency eventually be de-centralized because we cannot trust political leaders? The answer is who knows, but somehow will all learn to accept the new political nonsense, a new generation of social brainwashing. We seem to have limited choices, even those rational politicians begin to accept the currents changes. The challenges in media, the idea of fake news, and the status quo includes decentralized thinking, taking back our own independence to control of our own destinies.

Given that BitCoin is a fiat currency and thus intrinsically worthless, it does not have an underlying value derived from let’s say gold. But the value of fiat currency is based on trust valued and accepted as a medium of exchange also in the future. The success of cryptocurrency hitches on its ability to reduce the potential negative implications of speculations and expand the use in trade and commerce or as a means of protecting yourself from the perceived evil of all governments.

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