Yakitori Yum #1

There is something about Yakitori which epitomizes the taste of Japan, the umami of multiple flavors expanded by the use of sumi-binchotan, Japanse charcoal. You can see the charred areas due to the use of liquid fat and tare used to lubricate the foods, the chef is fanning the fire and flipping the food to avoid burning. The process is sped up and the foods cook to perfection.

There are numerous parts of chicken cooked over a red hot fire, sweat, smoke the dark atmosphere and the shinning fire, the informality of Yakitori warms your heart. It is one of the very best foods in Japan, and if you come to Japan make sure to try it, and don’t be afraid of the raw bits, it is not the something to afraid of, trust is key in Japanese cuisine.

Tsukune avec wasabi

Wing with Lemon puree

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