Steirereck 2020

Amidst Covid, a difficult time I was passing through Vienna and had the good fortune to enjoy a dinner at Steirereck.

The braised veal with potato, a fantastic meat course and perfect ambience made it special ~ the service is superb and it one of those experiences of meat, cheese and bread you’ll never forget. The white bread a rarity in Austria due to the immense popularity of dark breads is made with chorizo. There are few countries where you’ll find such excellent dark bread.

There is the famous fish cooked at the table in front of the guest, which also helps to bring home the problem of continuous bee death by reusing the wax. The fish is served with carrot, caviar pollen and sour cream and I first tried it in 2014.

Thank you to the Reitbauer family who are elegant and the consummate in hospitality and Viktoria who always takes perfect care of us.

Am Heumarkt 2A, 1030 Wien, Austria
T +43 1 7133168