Gauguin Barrel

Gauguin transformed objects already within his home into non-traditional canvases for his imagination. Taking a household wine cask, Gauguin used this object as an opportunity to express his interest in the cultures of Tahiti, decorating it with flowers, women, and birds. He eroticized and exoticized the culture and expressed his interpretation of the island in wood. Through the added interaction with the wine cask, carving it with motifs used in his other pieces, Gauguin once again transformed the commonplace into the uncommon.

The Art Institute highlighted the ways in which Gauguin manipulated different materials to challenge himself as an artist and challenge his contemporary audience about what they understand to be “art.” I walked away with additional questions about his process for learning how to use these materials and his interest in portraying cultures other than his own in his decoration. (source internet)

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