Pizza Dough

Yeast – 1,2-1,3g
Flour “00” – 1,0kg
H2O – 65%
Salt – 15g
Olive Oil – as needed yet I add it while watching the dough’s consistency it is fun to add virgin olive oil and see it add a shine to the dough.

Everyone has their own idea about making pizza and when you should add the salt and how long you should mix and how the yeast is added but in my view you have to decide yourself what works best. I added the yeast various ways, diluted at 21°C in water, dry, and I tried wet yeast.

Making pizza is fun but it’s not as easy as it looks and you need to figure out the balance between water and yeast and the fermentation period after and before including an autolyse, the gentle mixing of the flour and water in a bread recipe, followed by a 20 to 60 minute rest period.

I just do it the way I want at the time and I add the yeast at the beginning so that it gets mixed but you can do some do it more gently by mixing the water and the flour before adding the yeast it’s really a matter of experimenting.

Place it on a tray after letting it rest (a second time) and then into the fridge covered for 24 hours or more, but at 4° not much rising happens.

The next day 220g-250g balls and let them rest again until the oven is hot enough and then go for it. The dough should feel light and gassy, sticky yet manageable and once you touch it, you feel the magic.

Pizza dough
Pizza Mykonos Wood Oven

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