War Heads Sour

Ah, those War Heads and sour belts, I somehow cannot live without them. In a well guarded health clinic in Austria, forced to rejuvenate, I am resting my digestive system.

Too often we underestimate the importance of our health occupied with our busy electronic surroundings. Our digestive system struggles, it turns day-in and day-out digesting all foods we throw at it. It can end in disaster and if we think about all the chemicals we digest its incredible.

There comes a time when the system needs a rest and the key to rejuvinating is mostly about the time you take to rest your gut. Never underestimate the idea, and if you have time to vacation on a beach, this is a place you should consider as a serious vacation option, Viva Mayr.


I know it seems weird but I decided to write about sour candies due to my craving for sugar and sour. As we know, taste is divided between sour and bitter etc., and when we have a choice between bitter or sour foods we select bitter over sour. The connotation of sour provokes the idea of spoiled foods except the notion of sour candy which challenges our taste and provokes excitement.

“Citric acid, malic acid, tartaric acid, and fumaric acid are the most common choices, but there may be other types incorporated depending on the candy and the flavor goal. Because difference acids add a different level of sourness, manufacturers carefully select an acid mixture to create the perfect recipe” Yes, there’s a chemical process that comes into play when citric acid is used in sour candies and citric acid yields hydrogen ions Otop1 H+ that activate the tongue’s sour taste receptors and bingo you can melt with tingling rushes up to and around your brain cells.

“Researchers have discovered a new way that taste cells detect sourness, a sensation that is linked to acidity. Of the five basic tastes, sour remains the most mysterious – to the point that the tongue’s sour receptor still has not been identified, and the ways in which it receives sour stimuli are still the object of intense research. Like strong acids, weak acids release hydrogen ions that pass through proteins in the cell membrane, triggering a sour sensation. However, weak acids can go even further – crossing the cell membrane on their own to actually acidify the fluid inside the cell.”

Citric acid is naturally found in citrus fruits, but to utilize it in candies it must be commercially produced. According to scientists this is accomplished by fermenting sugar with micro-organisms, creating one of the most popular ingredients to utilize not only in sour candies, but as an additive in other foods, supplements, and even cleaning products.

But there’s a persistence to the sour in Warheads to prolong the pucker, and its the malic acid (the apples natural tartness) is coated with hydrogenated palm oil, which likely acts as an invisible time-­release mechanism. As the oil melts, it releases hits of malic acid.

But George would warn, like citric acid, large quan­tities of malic acid can cause dental erosion and canker sores, thus the product warning: eating multiple pieces within a short time period may cause a temporary irritation to sensitive tongues and mouths and its role in sour candies is to boost the intensity of the sour and enhance fruit flavors at the same time. 

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