Pònkler 2014 Franz Haas

2014 a challenging vintage, the silty soils with a lithological composition coupled with fluctuations in temperature, from morning to night create distinctive aromas. That is amazing terroir!

I always heard about this Pinot Nero made by Hass, the Pònkler was planted in 2007 using the Guyot method and French clones at 700 metres. This type of trellis makes it more prolific and the yields and quality of fruit are perhaps much improved at 3,000 bottle production given the vintage.

The region is L’Alto Adige is amazing and I do enjoy drinking wines from there especially Lagrein, a hearty fastious grape with plenty of power. The very good wines are difficult to source and fun to drink.

Pònkler is Pinot Nero there some say if it is an ideal habitat for the cultivation, and I am not so sure. We did but a magnum to try so I’ll keep you posted.

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