78th Grand Prix Monaco Michelin***

I am not a Formula One fan at all, I never thought about it until recently when I was invited to watch the 78th Monaco Grand Prix. I first started to know F1 via the Netflix series but while it’s interesting I couldn’t dig deep enough to find it fascinating, and I fell asleep each episode.

After a few days of F1, I realize the forces of F1 are incredible and I have a totally new appreciation for the sport as I watch my son’s expression as the cars roar by. There is no doubt the place to be is Hôtel de Paris but be aware it has some timing drawbacks so without good planning you are not going to get what you need if you wish to dine and watch the racing at table front.

But if you adore racing now consider the idea of three star Michelin cuisine and super noisy cars rumbling and roaring as they pass meters away. It sounds like hell but it is just the opposite, the adrenaline rushes across your face as the cars pass.

There is no experience quite like Alain Ducasse in the Hôtel de Paris and I have my fingers crossed after he lost the Plaza Athénée in Paris, but will he succumb to the perils of a costly three star Michelin operation in Monaco subsidized by SBM. I fear it is something of the past when clients search more casual foods so enjoy it while it lasts.

Large oversize biscuit better known as a cracker to most, it has the inspiration of summer coming.
There is no question the cuisine and the presentation is exquisite the quality of our materials is magnificent in the setting and the overall experience is unparalleled. The first dish is langoustine with Almond and ginger and mouse extraordinaire.
The butter and bread flows there is nothing quite like French butter and you can’t find it anywhere else it’s the perfect match, the heritage of French cuisine.
a simple bread a classic 5kg loaf cut perfectly with a crust that matches the soft creamy butter *awesome stuff
My son focused on the race Ferrari lover yet he is attracted by Red Bull as the car rips by at speeds only your heart can detect.
The meat is lamb made in the chimney it is not smoky perfectly cooked and tasty as hell. Les Adrets-de-l’Estérel has some of the finest French Agneau, succulent and pure to the last drop.
this is what makes a Michelin chef three stars when he takes aubergine and cooks it to an extraordinary level something you cannot even describe using a golden yeast *wow-wee
And there is no great meal without a great desert delicate cream of coffee from Ethiopia with a chocolate grué

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