Casa Nicolas Tolosa the old fashioned way

Third generation fire cooks, you find the worlds best steaks at Casa Nicolas, savour the delicious Txuleta salted and cooked to perfection.

The beef is simply amazing, the cows all Spanish and the marbling leaves a fat filled bite of hearty meat just finished after roaring over a charcoal fire. I appreciate the grilling, the dense charcoal leaves no after taste, it burns clean and the embers are glowing red hot. The steak is cooked according to the chef so avoid trying to explain how you like it, it is cooked one way, his way and for a good reason; he is the pro and it is cut at the table. Remember never mess with the chef, he doesn’t tolerate any nonsense and people go there for his cooking, the old fashioned way.

Being a steak aficionado there is something about Casa Nicolas which makes you feel you’re stepping back in time. Looking around at the walls you see mostly family pictures and for a good reason, because it’s a family run business; grill master Pedro, his wife Masha and their son Xabier.

Grill Master Pedro as a young man

Today I was warned there is a meat shortage due to Covid and the restaurant will close for one week, and that’s just incredible. The reach that Covid has is amazing and it touches suppliers all over the globe.

When you come to Casa Nicolas there’s one thing you find out very quickly, the family works hard, and are focused and professional. The back of the house is impeccable, and the menu is small and for a good reason; what they do, they do very well and there is no nonsense here.

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