Gigot von Escher @ FxCuisine – video

Brillat-Savarin says, “One [can] learn to be a cook but one [must be] born a roaster”

There are a few suppliers selling imported meats who I consider to be Artisanal, and Freddy Von Escher is one of the few still pursuing his quality dreams. We know Freddy for over 30+ years and we are never disappointed by his choices of imported meats from France, beef from Spain or duck or poulet from France.

Gigot Ageneau de Lait des Pyrénées

This was seasoned the day before by FxCuisine who is expert in marinates and prides himself on spit roasting using a roasting jack. Old fashioned ways of cooking deem themselves to be very useful as the Gigot turned it was cooked to perfection. I can say there are two ways to cook such young meats and you either keep it simple; salt and pepper, rosemary or herbs from mother nature’s backyard, or you give it a rub from the past using anchovies, garlic, etc.

Gigot under roasting by Master Roaster a.k.a “Clément”