Stop Putin Now (!!!)

My heart goes out to those in Ukraine who are suffering the attack on their sovereignty – we are not a political platform in anyway, but we see this as an act of horrifying and unacceptable aggression. It proves somethings never change and despite the Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances, and Minsk accords, dictatorship has no place in western society. The tragedy in Ukraine was hightled in 2013 when the Ukraine leader Yanukovych rejected a European deal and Russia bought Ukraine for 15$ Billion of debt.

When the Russian backed leader Yanukovych was forced out, Russia shortly thereafter in 2014 annexed Crimea and the rest is history. I am hopeful the United forces can stop Putin’s attack on Ukraine, it is the responsibility of the free world to support Ukraine in every way possible and help them defend themselves from their neighbours evil ideologies. There is no room for this kind of political leadership in Europe, and now the future is tainted after 2-years of Covid. And watch this Indian commentator who gets it right, and I am still puzzled by India’s abstention at the council.