An unexpected situation you drive through Menton a lovely seaside French seaside town in the Côte d’Azur , and as you continue along the road parallel to the boardwalk it leads you to a left turn where shortly there after you arrive at Mirazur.

Today, this night root vegetables is the theme all from his 5 hectares of gardens surrounding Menton and Mirazur: https://www.mirazur.fr/les-jardins.php#sanctuaires

Mirazur is a wonderful restaurant, the kitchen divides the two dining rooms and we were fortunate enough to be invited to eat in the private dining served by its own kitchen and staff. Obviously it made a huge difference at least to us because we had the privacy of being alone and enjoying the massive view to the sea.

Restaurant View

Cooking in any restaurant at this level involves an extraordinary level of thought, so there is a certain appreciation for the craftsmanship and the choice of raw materials. Together, the combination of trying to find inventive and creative measures to enhance the overall experience.

It takes many years of cooking to understand what motivates any Chef to go into so much detail. If you’re Asian your life is full of detail. But generally speaking in Asia we find this dedication to trying to see much deeper into the local culture and tradition, and for visitors to Japan they are always impressed by simplicity.

Ask yourself what is simplicity or how important is the simplicity. For many culinarians we are motivated by the ultimate culinarian experience and personal satisfaction because food is mostly about taste preference. We all know that satisfaction comes in a lot of different shapes and forms, so for one person something that’s great is for another person average, or disappointing. Foremost restaurant tours the hardest part is the amount of work that goes into Servant guess in a way with a feel rewarded satisfied or get a great sense of satisfaction.

I think it becomes particularly complicated in a restaurant such as Mirazur when you need to be able to see that they’re storytelling behind what’s being served and there is a lot of information to consume not only food. Some girls loved it and they come there with an open mind and they’re not trying to dissect which part is better than the other or compared to other meals of significance.

Private Dinning

Too often it happens we compare experiences and feel disappointed, so keep an open mind when you go to a restaurant like Mirazur – it is a journey.

The Bread Loaf

Restaurant Mirazur

30, avenue Aristide Briand
06500 Menton
Tel: +33 (0)4 92 41 86 86

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