Gion Saba

There’s nothing like ‘Saba’ Japanese mackerel which has been salted, and soaked in Japanese vinegar. If you go to Kyoto, this is definitely the tradition the shop you shouldn’t mess but you have to keep in mind it is a very Japanese product. Having said, that is the other side of the coin one time when I was travelling in Kyoto, I was invited to an Izakaya, which was considered to be a very difficult table and it’s not a typical restaurant Izakaya style.

It’s was a higher-end Izakaya (not common) with a chef from a well-known traditional Kyoto restaurant, which will remain nameless. It was there I ate raw mackerel served salted and soaked in Japanese vinegar however this time it hit me.

In almost 40 years it’s never happened, only one so the chances of it happening are very slim to none. However, if you are allergic to histamines, you should pay careful attention, otherwise you could get scombroid poisoning.

People get scombroid fish poisoning when they eat fish contaminated with high levels of histamines. Histamine contaminated fish often have a metallic, sharp, or peppery taste, or different appearance but not always.

This is not the restaurant I go sick in and its worthy of a taste but it is often busy and take away can be easier but not much: