Ishikawa Tokyo

Tucked away down a narrow street behind the American Embassy and the Bishamonten shrine near the top of Kagurazaka hill. There you’ll find a small discrete restaurant named after the chef Ishikawa. He is a quiet chef and his counter work does not interfere with your pleasure of enjoying a quiet and delicious meal.

He is currently one the most sophisticated restaurants in Tokyo and at least amongst the few Michelin restaurants that are worthy of trying. I recall his young fall bamboo shoots that simply and purely cooked to perfection. He serves the winter crab of Hokkaido simply and without much interference to accent the flavors he shreds it with hints mountain citrus. His sashimi are flawless with a perfect cold Sake junmai it warms your palate as the flavor teases your palate. His ankimo (monkfish liver) he uses lotus roots to balance the dish and this give it a dimension you’ll appreciate. The meal finishes white rice dish and his hand crafted tsukemono with miso soup. I believe his subtle attitude and technical skill is something to enjoy and savor.

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