I have a friend, I have two friends, one is Japanese and one of my oldest friends while the other is Israeli and a very close friend. They are understandably very different and not just for the apparent reasons. This summer my wife invited my friends to enjoy the experience of what I refer to as “real sushi” and not the sushi that you find in Nobu, no insult intended. The sushi I speak of is made in small quantities and in a traditional style suitable for the Japanese palate.

This fish is subtle and the experience of eating such sushi is as much about the rice as it is the fish itself. My Israeli friend’s wife is on a gluten free regime for a longtime and is now faced with eating rice and silver fish, something she isn’t used to. The end result is a big hit and it proves to me that those that are restricted by foods (other than allergies) limit themselves to very interesting experiences.

You must know that the sushi experience isn’t always about amaebi or those fatty fishes such as yellow tail (Hamachi), which are far too often farmed.

Fish in the photo (taken in Mykonos) is the category of the blue silver fish and those seasonal by size and variation. The spotted shad (Kohada) in the summer is much smaller in size and is named ‘shinko’, which is the smallest kohada fish. I always say count the spots and you’ll understand that this is a delicacy you share with friends.

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