Osteria Cera

The town is small and the road also. You arrive to a colorful house in the outskirts and twenty minutes from Venice. The front door is roadside but hidden by a garden with bamboo and trees. The first impression is good when you enter and get greeted.

Here you’ll find a small charming restaurant filled with echoes of subtle flavors and contemporary Italian warmth. The decor is simple and the food clean and to the point. The chef at Cera is a slim built gentlemen in his late forties; he works with his wife. She speaks modest English but is very charming and polite.

Recommended by Ceasre of al covo in Venice but already planed in our journey, the cuisine is simply and straight forward.The menu is delicate and the flavors of fish accent many dishes, raw and raw is the theme. Luckily or not, the fish in Italy (by law) is frozen to minus 32 degree for one hour and a half. This is disinfection of the fish’s parasites and it kills all bacteria.

The kitchen is impeccable and designed just as the chef planned, one area for fish, a bread and desert area and the hot area separate. It is one of the best designed kitchens I’ve seen in a long time. The staff are bustling mostly in the hot area and in such a small restaurant of less than 30 seats you have 10 in the kitchen.

The cuisine was excellent, delicate and delicious. The atmosphere fitting and the wine list extensive and fairly priced. The wine we tasted was a white sauvignon named Quartz, Cantina Terlano from Alto Adige. This wine from the region filled with good fruit and acidity, a balanced wine and fit the food perfectly. After mind-boggling astice Catalana we tried Emilia Malvasia vigna la Stoppa which was a great end to a fantastic meal. The ice cream vanilla is dense, rich and was an excellent finish to a very good meal.

Emilia Malvasia Passito
Varieta’ Malvasia di Candia Aromatica 95%, Moscato 5%

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