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This white truffle product is remarkable for its intense flavour and the ability of giving its dishes a full and unmistakable taste, even in small doses. The aromatic substances of truffles have a stimulating effect on digestion. Truffle is the most precious ingredient of Emilia Romagna’s typical cuisine: its taste is enhanced when combined with tagliatelle pasta and or simply plain with eggs.

Harvested in the woods of the Bolognese Apennine, in the municipalities of Bazzano, Castello di Serravalle, Crespellano, Monte San Pietro, Monteveglio, Savigno, Vergato, Porretta Terme, Grizzana Morandi, Castel di Casio, Camugnano, Castel d’Aiano e Gaggio Montano, Sasso Marconi.

Tartufesta 2012. The white truffle of gastronomy, traditions and culture

Tartufesta is the big event of the autumn Bolognese Apennines with a single protagonist, the” White Truffle of Colli Bolognesi” is two months of fairs and festivals with street markets and delicious menus.

Where and when:

Camugnano: November 11
Lizzano in Belvedere: 6-7 and 13 to 14 October
Porretta Terme: 6-7 October
Castiglione dei Pepoli and Vado: October 7
Vergato: October 14
Castel di Casio: 27-28 October
San Benedetto Val di Sambro: October 14 to 21
Plateau: 20 to 21 October
Monzuno: October 14 to 21
Monghidoro: November 1
Sasso Marconi: 27-28 October, November 1-3-4
Savigno: 11-4-18 November

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