Forgoten Pizza

I forgot to mention, when making pizza, aside from the water temperatures, it is critical to decide what types of yeast, dry or wet. I use both.

The next step, is salt and even sugar or olive oil. Each recipe has a slightly different variation. Through experimentation, I discovered that I prefer a slow 24+ hours of fermentation with constant measurement of the ambient temperatures. You will need to treat the surface of the dough and maintain a good degree of moisture. A good wet and healthy glutenous dough is what you aim for.

In Japan we use specially constructed wooden boxes (no odor/natural) which help maintain a consistent ambient temperature. I leave it up to you to experiment and good luck.

Oh before I forget, the baking should be at high temperatures (over 350) and the use of a massive solid thick metal sheet, an excellent idea. The metal, inox or aluminum should conduct heat more evenly and give you the power to get a quick bake.

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